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Artist: Pimp C f/ Cory Mo
Album:  Pimpalation
Song:   Gitcha Mind Right
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Now getcha mind right, baby you a siiimmmppp
And I'ma real hot undercover piiimmmppp {*4X*}

[Pimp C over Hook]
Uhhh... Tony Snow knalmtalkinbout? Tony Snow bitch!
Young Pimp, Young Pimp! Sweet Jones! Yes it is, it's goin down!
Uh! Huh! Dedicated to Fat Pat, Lil' Daddy knalmtalkinbout?
Big Dog and Biz... Baby Looney

[Pimp C] {*singing*}
I'm so throwed in the game
Gettin my paper, takin over they brains
The drank over the ice is so cold
Pulled up to the light and light my diner, strike a pose
These niggaz in this game they wanna stop the Pimp
Don't wanna see me comin up and flyin like a blimp
I think they feel like I'ma threat
But I'ma old school motherfuckin vet
So getcha mind right!

[Pimp C]
Uh! Pimp C, Sir James
Y'all can't fade this country thang
Nigga in "The Source" tried to hate on me
but bitch I got the whole South ridin wit' me (ridin' wit me!)
Ask this nigga Jeezy, bitch I'm the truth (I'm the truth!)
Me and Short Dog go and smoke in the coupe
I'm talkin 'bout Too $hort not that fake nigga (uh!)
The rap game full of all you fake niggaz (fake niggaz!)
Nigga in ya booty gettin raped nigga
if you ever take a trip upstate nigga (state nigga!)
I don't wanna see them niggaz in the city
His gal head was good but her pussy was shitty (pussy was shitty!)
That's right nigga, I flipped ya bitch (flipped ya bitch!)
She a three-way freak, every hoe take a dick
Sent her on a mission, go hit that lick
Ya dick is so weak and my game is so slick


[Cory Mo]
Yeah, uh.. getcha mind right nigga, act like y'know
Cory Mo pimpin that pen with Tony Snow
Once again in the lab with a pen and a pad
I'm been payin my dues since early '94
Me and Mike, Moe both got a wall full of plaques (plaques!)
Ten car garage and it's all full of 'llacs ('llacs!)
Front to the back, Seville to the fleet
Can't miss me bitch, keep a ear to the street (huh!)
Gotta trunk full of beef for you hoe ass niggaz (hoe ass niggaz!)
I'm eleven steps ahead of you slow ass niggaz (slow ass niggaz!)
Gotcha gal on my team and she kiss my pinky ring
Everytime I tell her to, "Nigga, who the hell is you?"
I'ma underground king with a hell of a slang
Pimpin and pampering women with a hell of a game
I'm tellin ya man, I'm making some incredible change
So getcha mind right hoe, stay the hell outta my lane hoe
(get the hell outta my lane hoe!)

[Hook] - 1/2