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Artist: Pimp C f/ Rick Ross, Slim Thug
Album:  The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones
Song:   Midnight
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Yeah, I know... 
{David Banner, David Banner}
You can blame it all on me, it's cool
Hol' up, bitch!

[Chorus: Pimp C] {in tune of Kingpin Skinny Pimp's "Midnight Hoes"}
I've been wastin all my time, jumpin in and out my clothes
I've been wastin all my time, blowin indo out my nose
I've been wastin all this time, fuckin 'round with midnight hoes
I've been wastin all this time, guess that's just how my live goes
Midnight hooooes!

[Pimp C]
I flip city to city, see ass and titties
The booty was good but the pussy was shitty
She wanna fuck, I gotta catch my plane
So I can get back to the city and grip on grain
Got a young yella hammer, call the gurl Cocaine
Cause the pussy like dope, swallow it all don't choke
With some red pussy hair, nigga; smell it in the air, nigga
She don't wear draws, I be beatin the pussy walls!
Put in work and make the pussy squirt
This young don't cum 'til she say, "Daddy, it hurt!!"
My piece don't pause, stand up in that thang
When my dick get hard, you see that big ol' ass vein 
(Big ol' ass VEIN~!) Hold it open, don't stop
Fanger in ya butt, dick in ya cot
Suck ya toes, I'm gon' shrimp tonight
Dick make you weak like Kryptonite


[Rick Ross]
Her face was cute, but her pussy was cuter
See her with another nigga, all I do is salute her
Couldn't defeat her, the bitch was a skeeter
Squares on the Facebook just dyin to meet her
So I took her to dinner, the bitch was a winner
Scoop her like spinach dip every time I run in her
That ass was soft, pass the fork
I ate the pussy like pork, now pass the salt
Naw I'm playin, baby see'm sayin?
You got a nice pad and I'm thinkin of stayin
Feet in the sand, walk in the beach
With my finger in the pussy, never argue with me
"Kitty miss you, finger it up!"
I'm a multi-millionaire, I ain't makin it up (naw)
"Kitty miss you," yeah I'm crankin it up
I'm a multi-millionaire, I ain't makin it up, PIMP!


[Slim Thug]
Yeah, I got 'em on deck
So deep in her mouth, I be all in her neck
Pussy so wet, you can hear it go splash
Drippin down the cut all down in her ass
Bitch so bad, she a prize to a pimp
Ain't even gotta fuck to get paid by a simp
Titties so big, face so pretty
Gotta be top three baddest bitches in the city
Master in the bed, love to give a nigga head
and'll swallow every drop, yep baby go fed
Stone cold freak, she don't never wanna quit
You can fuck her five hours, she'll still want dick
Thick in the thighs, waist the right size
When she walk by, it's too much for your eyes
First time I cut her was a dream come true
She had another bad bitch come through too (Thugga!)