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Artist: Pharrell f/ Slim Thug
Album:  In My Mind
Song:   Keep it Playa
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[Intro - Slim Thug) + (Pharrell)
Say P, man the other day foolin at the club
Mane wit this broad or whateva
I walk in see her talkin talkin to some dude or whateva
You know what I'm sayin, so I holla at her I say
"Ay man check this out, man I seen ya over there
hollin at ole boy, I ain't hatin on that
You know what I'm sayin, but I got a friend comin through too
So when you se her, don't trip, you know what I'm sayin
Keep it playa man, you know what I'm sayin"
So my broad show up or whateva man (Word)
This girl wanna try and take a swing at her man (Turn that shit up)
(That ain't right, this my man favorite record right here)
(Haha, yessir, beat that shit)

[Verse 1 - Pharrell]
Before you say, it's cheaper to keep her, we consider and read her
Man she might be the type that won't pea you the feeder
She wants a little cheeba, a lil margarita
Man them drawls comin off, when she see the two-seater
So put ya Porsche up, get ya divorce up
I'm sure she'll sign it when she see me pull my doors up
Man them mansions on the water, motherfuck a hill
She through her heels in the ocean, so she stuck to chill
The truck is steel, hopin somethin between ya
And now she laughin how she took yo ass to the cleaners
Man I'm on ya side, not tryna inconviene ya
Just now we get them million keys, and them plastic ninas
So keep it playa dawg, don't make me say it all
Do something drastic, know that plastic's everywhere dawg
If it ain't music, all this money, I don't play at all
And she ain't either, so that mean she doesn't weigh it all

[Chorus - Pharrell]
Now we can both post sip, and keep it playa mayne (yup)
Now we can both pull the misses, keep it playa mayne (uh huh)
Or we could both right our wrists, and keep it playa mayne (yup)
Or you could scram cock sucker, if you'se a hater mayne
I keep them ladies goin.... Uh.... Uh.... Uh.... (uh)
.... Uh.... Uh.... Uh.... (haha)
.... Uh.... Uh.... Uh.... (yup)
.... Uh.... Uh.... Uh....

[Verse 2 - Slim Thug]
I'm a grown man, Thug ain't the one that play no games witchu
Thug the one to call, to come get off the chain witchu
And hang witchu, when you full of Patrone
And oh yeah, brain wanna get two partners alone (That's right)
Because I'm only 25, and still going live
Got the estate by the pool, by the lake outside
I wake up, and gotta pick which car I'ma drive
The Double R 760, or the 645
I'm, having thangs mayne check out the chain
Money ain't never been a thang, you see the watch and the ring
Rocks the nicest, never seen none like this
I'ma boss, I don't ask what it cost, my life priceless
Baby girl you might just, get the share this shine
Long as you not selfish, and learn to share some times
And of course I'm still yours, and you're still mine
But you can't be a hater mayne, gotta keep it playa mayne


[Verse 3 - Pharrell]
You don't stop, they say J.Lo {???} show her ass and all
Knowin the worst thing could happen, is a nigga could palm
Now my agent saying the only way that he could be calm
I put a hundred mil on each arm, like my name was LeBron
What, not the ice, my beats is worth more
The track is like a whole damn Jacob Store
See niggaz hate you more, when they take they broad
But his girl looked at my hands, seen a "Matrix" door
What, jewels is foolish, they hues is {???}
I mean the smurfs look green, the rocks are so bluish
You can't out bling me, or BBC jean me
You ain't got no vought, you can go and ask Me-Me
I think and relay it (uh), I blink and PJ it (uh)
You wanna make fast bucks, take this and e-Bay it
And all you Phantom owners know you can't stand me
Got one in Virgina, 'nother one in Miami, yessir