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Artist: Out of Order f/ Twista
Album:  2000 A.D. Triplossiss
Song:   Work Som'n Twurk Som'n
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work somn, let me hit it can I hit it
work somn, twurk somn, let me hit can I hit it
work somn, let me hit can I hit it
work somn, twurk somn, let me hit it

(Out of Order)
ya betta do whats ya gots to do to get them girls on the floor
don't stop let me see ya gitty gitty
shake that thing move it around just like you don't know
I'm steppin in the club drunk and I'm gone blown faded off that V.S.O.P
me and my nugz tapathy up like everyday is so ya'll playas can see
where them girls at, where them girls at
over there did they go in the back of the club
see let my jeans over in ya
when I go get blow step out and blaze up a dub
cuz when, the party is over girl follow me to my room
so we can take a booty yo ride
split the 50 so we can get high
turn off the light that between your thigh

(Out of Order)
you say you wanna kick it but your man won't let you come and
cuz he know when we get busy is a chance I get you sprung
got you shaking at your momma there you screaming open I'ma say
yeah I beat that earing in your navel baby wanna play you
like an oldschool tape with a soul food plate runnin dough through dubs
rank never know cuz I gotta lot a dough gotta love the 2K
anyway can I get a lapdance?
cuz ain't now playin freaky freaks like me
I want the big booty girl in the runnin cam jeans
if it don't concede with panties
just to keep me seein soakin bun that will keep me bent
all night drinkin off all paid for this
I got girls to the left, girls to the right
you won't step when you scared to win
in a 99' Benz with the cover open cuz you know we kill for a nut
put a finger in her butt when I played that funky stuff
that a girls that'll need that I'm get with
though much that don't do it so what
baby girl can't go have em humpin
just touch your clothes and let me work som'n and twurk som'n

work somn, twurk somn, let me hit can I hit it
work somn, twurk somn, let me hit can I hit it
work somn, twurk somn, let me hit can I hit it
work somn, twurk somn, let me hit it

can I, tap some hit it
while I smokin the blunt right in back of the lud
how you sit it up?
when you titty yet booty shakin breakin mothafuckas up
in a circle steady make a nigga get it up
got me trippin off they way you talk, still wanna break you off
acting all sassy talk bout you wanna leave girl
please won't you stay and talk
really wanna work you so I got high
take her to the mall and steady
make you moan and then make you go ah-ah
wiggelin and jiggelin my thang
in the middle of the tender biddle baby
won't you say that I conversatin to the south
freakin you while I see your freaky side you so gone so let it out
I wanna break a sweat when we straight buckin
first grab my dick and get to suckin
munchin till I'm humpin
get a grip on her hips then handle my functions
quit acting funny, cuz girl what you gotta be true to go
can you tell dookie toe
see you at the club shakin that big dookie hoe, makin that booty roll
don't be playin on raw with this, never steady frontin
ain't no comin over here
unless you gonna be on som'n som'n som'n now som'n


(Out of Order)
split lips with a big fat tip mudaville
in the middle straight runnin this
'nother 38 specialist I'm all about sexin 
and dominate me a sexist checkin everythang
from my ass to air, before I made my pass to swoop
and try to cut em like a stab wound
from a razor blade I freak technique unique in between chief
keep my thesis screet unless you talkin bout a party back drummin
gotta hit that and we gonna type of flip them stills
representing midwest t.v. wack, now how you love that
I'm not your average thug cat I got caine
and I lay it all down like it no thang
I'm sick with these real hits makin a call
on a twurk what she workin with


(Out of Order)
watch this, booty shakin money makin hoe up on the thang
while I'm workin on my eight bottle of bottles and jane
homies need to come with g stack
and a 50 bottle of rum and ain't no fun if the homies can't slide in
but we ridin high we can freak with this
other nigga placin in the hazel eye
drop a couple of line gotta like a mystery book got game
runnin through my veins twitchin the brain
words orginated from the corner to the curb
I heard she like 2 in my in the club stickin the tounge out
to the dance floor club we be talkin about
so bounce to it, playas wanna do it like us
freaks wanna ride in the back of the bus
don't front cuz he be wack
affiliated gang drunk tight never came late
no need to explain and no look past
I'ma number so a man won't open up ass
keep a firm grip on chin stop frontin
tell that freak to twurk somn

(chorus) 2x