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Artist: OutKast f/ Big Rube, Sleepy Brown 
Album:  Stankonia 
Song:   Stankonia (Stanklove) 
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What does love look like? 
Love looks like you 
What does love love feel like? 
Love feels like this 
What does love smell like? 
Love smells like us 

(Andre 3000) 
You make me understand 
What it means to be in l-o-v-e once again 
Why, must we fly so low? 
Are we 'fraid of heights, do kites get lost in the tow 

Stank love, stank love, stank love, stank love 

(Sleepy Brown) 
Let me show your mind a new freaky side of love 
Open up you flower please let me taste your love 
Honeysuckle sweet, can't stop till I get ever drip drop on my tongue 
Hitting every spot of you, what you gonna do 
Your body is the rhythm of the boom in the room 
Up and down it seems to go 
Oh my god I think I'm bout to explode 


(Big Rube) 
My fingertips scan flesh so supple 
No longer a couple like two in one skin 
Where do you end and where do I begin 
Both brains become one mind sensually 
Every nerve becoming it's own individual entity 
With its own lusts, it's own needs to serve 
Longing for the love of all the other nevers 
As they writhe and twist in satisfaction 
In the burning chill of please we bathe 
Engulfing, encompassing like a cataclysmic shockwave 
Of an impact so deep, but not one of destruction 
But of creation, elation in the re-making 
No taking in the relation, no taking in the relation 
Just giving of ther persona making lover after making love 
Till ain't nothing but Stankonia