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Artist: OutKast f/ Whild Peach
Album:  Idlewild
Song:   Mutron Angel
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[Verse 1]
In the eye of the storm
Looking out through the rain
Gabriel, blow your horn
They shield me from tsunamis and the hurricane

Gangsta ride right in the nick of time
Soldiers stay affronted then they blow your mind
Bold ass soldiers marching out for war
No idea what we in for
Powerful magnificent and so divine
Soldiers stay affronted it'll blow your mind

[Verse 2]
Hear a thunderous voice
Shouting there will be no peace
Until our people rejoice
When every boy and girl is freed
You see it's going down
The war and the mysteries
But my friends they'll be better days
And a better way
According to the prophecy

It would be so nice
To hook up in paradise
By all means we must go
Or are you in the know
Like all the way up sunshine

You been a friend of mine


You been a friend of mine