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Artist: Omar Cruz f/ Astal, K. Young
Album:  Good Times (Apple iTunes Release)
Song:   Good Times
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Omar Cruz]
It's summer time, baby

Chorus: K. Young
Maybe it's the Cali sunshine that makes me wanna have a
Good time
I'm with my family and friends playin' dominoes, enjoyin' a
Good time
We roll, we ride, we hustle and grind and live a
Good life
I wish this moments would last forever, and talkin' 'bout
Good times

[Verse 1: Omar Cruz]
Ain't nothin' like L.A. in the summer, we ridin' high on the 405
Dippin' well like four or five, mamis in the sixty-five (Yeah)
The sunshine bringing everyone out
And when they see me, they salute me, so they wave and they shout (CRUZ!)
Yes I is, yes I is
Fresh J's, white tee, yeah, you know the buis'
I'm like a palm tree out here posted on the block
Barbecues smoke blowin', that ain't comin' from a glock, nah
Homeys deep in them classics all day (What up)
It's like a scene from a car show, low low parade
I love Cali like I love women
Cause everybody in L.A. got a little bit of thug in 'em
East side, west side, we all get paid (West side)
O.G.'s blowin' O.G., kush and haze
Man, I live for these moments
I swear to God
Ain't nothin' like my city in the summer time with y'all (Whoo!)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Astal]
I start my day at 9:20, and I love it cause it's sunny
Plus I got a fly honey, cookin' somethin' very yummy
I'm devoted to the money, so I keep it on my mind (Mind)
And by 9:49, I be out to get mine (Mine)
I'm, cruisin' in my whip, dippin', slidin' through this city
Sittin' laid back, speakers kickin' higher than a pigeon (Whoo)
Livin' life, on this mission, tryin' to make it all complete
Don't you dare knock the hustle, this the way Young can eat
On the way to see my jeweler, and I'm gone with some tees
In my brand new polo, bet you couldn't find a crease
And now I'm flossin' in my ride, top down to the beach (Whoo)
Power 106 mix and lay back in my seat (Let 'em know)
Doin' eighty on the town, got a party to attend
Just, got a call from K., and he got some lady friends
Like a new Mercedez-Bens, it's the way that I'm feelin'
And I heard the homeys shootin' dice (YOU KNOW I WIN, come on...)

Repeat Chorus