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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) f/ Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats & Tyler, the Creator
Album:  The Odd Future Tape Volume 2
Song:   Hcapd
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Domo Genesis]
Many men has met his fate, murder I premeditate
The world is low the devil waits, so I stay high as +Heaven Gates+
See I'm on it everyday, minutes never go to waste
If ain't no profit on the way then we can not negotiate
Scripture texts for holy sakes, who's tellin what the Lord will say?
Until that day, I'll be tunnel vision on the paper chase
Odd Future, fuck your feelings, check the score we fuckin winning
Check the list we in the building, stupid swag, Paris Hilton
More potential, youse a liar, step up we will crucify ya
Head first, yeah it's goin down like a scuba diver
Need the fire, I'll supply ya, put the hire on the block
Swag on deck, if you need it I'll be overstocked

[Hodgy Beats]
I'm a brother man, with a swagger from the motherlands
It tells my hands and rubs my glands, I'm ill as fuck bitch fuck your mans
Chingy chong, I'm in Japan, Cheech & Chong wrapped in seran
Keep the bong hash in my canister, I'm headed where it's handed first
Domo rollin up, Left Brain already smoking
You smell that loud ounce? Mary Jane has already spoken
My shades on bitch I'm loc'in, no need for aggravations
cause a fake nigga in his death bed will be fuckin collaboratin
Kush escaped without a roller, high roller no time for strollers
Made it stoned cause I'm workin over, too many posers tryin to rob my bowl
Kinda strict, Tyler is well represented
I fell asleep before you bitch niggaz presented
I'm fuckin authentic, remember it
You motherfuckers pretending~!

[Tyler, the Creator - vocals slowed]
Me and Leggo just skated the bowl; next thing you know
Wildin out at "Watch the Throne" - I had a dead phone
so I gave that little nigga my cam
He snapped that shit, the motherfuckers went HAM
Like Miss Piggy cunt, around Kermit
I'm like how many fucks can I give a day?
Fuck respect, I'd rather hang myself on the wall with a noose on neck
Before I change to fit in yo' box
I'll make sure I can not fit in the house

[Tyler, the Creator - normal voice]
And I hate genres, fuck hip-hop!
with a searching cop, hi-top flip flops
in the middle of the winter; y'all like "fuck them kids"
like a weird babysitter mindset

[slowed down again]
My dignity, I'm still trying to find it
but I lost it somewhere in Austin
in a +Creek+ with +Dawson+
and this vegan bitch trying to eat my sausage (that sounds awesome)
Fuck these parties~! I'm real awkward
I stand there, I don't know what to do man
I'd rather be at home with my crew and my new rooms
staring at my brand new Moon Man
Listenin to MF Doom and Wooh Da Kid and Brick Squad 1017
(Nigga shout out to Waka)
Rest in peace Slim
Golf Wang motherfuckin triple six we is three twins
Free my little nigga Sweatshirt
Gang name stitched into my sweatshirt
Bow down until your motherfuckin neck hurt
Respect me (Do we run shit?) Nigga, yes indeed
Cheech & Chong, I don't need a bong
though I do have friends who got weed that's strong
I need a tree house, air hockey
Ping-pong, a mini ramp
A little tramp on a trampoline
(Have you heard the end of "The Window?") Nigga fuck the team
Okay I'm just playin, I love you niggaz
I hate these niggaz, fuck these niggaz
Fuck everybody who doubted me
The only ones I care abouts the ones that surroundin me
(Odd Future!) Fuck all you industry niggaz man
Y'all see me at parties, stop comin up sayin
"Odd! Well let's collab"
I don't fuck with none of you niggaz
All y'all can suck my motherfuckin dick
Fuck all you labels
Fuck every fuckin DJ I hope y'all don't play none of my shit
Suck my motherfuckin dick
And don't come up to me at the next event
I don't want yo' fuckin number, yo' business card
Fuck yo' company
I'm not performin at none of your shit
Don't ask for my fuckin manager's e-mail
I don't fuck with none of you niggaz
Golf Wang, free Earl nigga
Fuck Steve Harvey!!!