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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) f/ Tyler, the Creator
Album:  The Odd Future Tape
Song:   The Tape Intro
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

And I present to you, to you all
The Odd Future compilation
What the fuck? Give it up {*applause*}
Starring: Casey V, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Super 3
and Tyler, the Creator; give it up! Give it up for 'em!

Will y'all shut the fuck up? Damn, I'm here
Alright, let me configure this
Get this ready
Aight, let's go

[Tyler, the Creator]
Nigga seventeen his own fuckin magazine
And of course his +Hunger Force+ is +Aqua Teen+ by all means
Fuck a deal, signature is legible
I'm the reason why niggaz is heatin up they vegetables
From being bullied in the sixth, to being dissed by any bitch
that can breathe, please throw me in a ditch
And I hope I sell a copy of this disc
Fuck hope~! I am one short, a miracle of wish
Whether you nigga or ese
the magazine is great because the article's an essay
Half you dumb niggaz can't, even write an essay
Cause all of y'all some stupid asses: S.A.
You motherfuckers in denial
I'm the square just like the tile, right down the fuckin isle
Music was my only friend, ever since I was a child
I - make niggaz frown just to give myself a smile
Mother was my father, the nigga didn't bother
to send a kid a dollar, my only role model was
niggaz that record and that could play keyboards
and wild piano chords make me happy
Dr. Seuss more important than Jesus
Y'all immigrants to depression, nigga give me a visa
We sick, the same lames that sneeze us
made us turn to Jazz now, because the black kids would tease us
I need a fuckin chain, I need to make it rain
I need some fuckin rims, a car that I can rent
A verse about swag, jeans saggin on my ass
No I don't, fuck that, I am not a fuckin fag
I run, and I'm still scared of guns
in the marching band but I bang my own drums and
Sing my own song, all of my wrongs are right
Never got into a fight... hit me~!
Bass drum snare, where did it go?
Disappear like good music in the past year
And, everybody do the same thing
I hear the same shit all the time like the radio is queer
This isn't a mixtape, it's more of ear rape
by kids who think you other niggaz suck
It's very offensive, you niggaz defensive
If you can't take the heat get the fuck out the kitchen
Listen! Tyler, the Creator
Hodgy Beats, Super 3, Casey V, Left Brain
Enjoy the show
Good night
Thank you... and fuck you