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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) f/ Hodgy Beats & Tyler, the Creator
Album:  The Odd Future Tape
Song:   Pimp Slap
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Tyler, the Creator]
You want me to just go in?
Alright, uhhh

[Tyler, the Creator]
My window is a book, and I'm a fuckin crook
Stealin phones to call home but the line is off the hook
And if my mother answer, I'll ask her
what she wants on 25th because I'm chillin with Prancer
Rudolph, Adolf, Hitler
Rollin with nineteen 88's like it's 1988
But my speakers are bleedin, the doctor's in uniform
Fuck cars, I have a damn unicorn
that flies me to places, with spaceships, that don't need money
Where. I can free at hand eat candy with Easter bunnies
Where donuts equal water inhalers and mushrooms
And we don't have cars, we have balloons and we zoom
Sound of the bass is astounding
The snare plays square no rounding
Major ninth chords tower synth like it's Yao Ming
Kobe, imaginary friends, fuck homies (they don't know me)
The Tooth Fairy blow me, swallow don't shit this
With my Donald Trump hair piece you're an +Apprentice+
You're fired and tired, you can't stay up like a limp dick
If you think you can spit then I am the fucking dentist
My visions that I record, the instruments I adore
The happiness that I hoard (can't be bought) at liquor stores
You faggots can buy chains but Utopia can't afford
And they sore on hating reality that I ignore
You can try to walk inside my brain, but I close the door
Fuck dogs, I roll around with my pet dinosaur
Yeah... Hodgy Beats {DROP IT}

[Hodgy Beats]
Fuck dogs, walk around with a pet dinosaur
Wing flaps on the back of my pet rhinoscor'
Gold chains, twenty-four, niggaz must be shinin more
The money gets closer when you seem to be grindin more
And it feels better than a tongue kiss
carbonated with the flow, orange-flavored Sunkist
We musically grow unto the world like a fungus
Amongst this, playin the piano like a trumpet
Little guy, but his words sound so humongous
Eat 'til you obese, arteries clot, need lunges
MellowHype, from Ralph Lauren to the Hundreds
My crew cliqued up like Brady Bunch is
The +Captain+ that +Crunches+, inviting you to lunches
My nutrition have robots malfunction
I suggest you stay away from the factory
My breath chemical, I don't know how you'll react to me
It's a dog-eat-dog world so I double doggy dare it
Hold it in my hand as I stare it, down
like a magnifying glass to a diamond with a karat
I read through niggaz that bluff like a tarot
They copy my actions, I call them fools parrots
I'm the pyro with one eyelid that weareth
Long hair for wisdom while bitch-mades Nair it
I don't care if the heat I throw is unbear-able
Just know, it's shareable
And there I go, where I go
I don't know, obviously, I disappear
Close your eyes bitch, I'm all in your ear
I have your hearts as if I stabbed it with a spear
And wrote my flows wit'cha blood smears
If you can't see a legend
I'mma make it clear... nigga I'm right here

Golden grill, Cadillac Deville {DROP IT}
Nigga we pimp~!
Grill golden, chain frozen
We pimp... we pimp, we pimp
Golden grill, Cadillac Deville
We pimp {O.F.M.} we pimp {bangin on your FM}
Grill golden, chain frozen
We pimp... we pimp, we pimp