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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) f/ Hodgy Beats
Album:  The Odd Future Tape
Song:   McDonalds
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Hodgy Beats! Left Brain, Odd Future
JR whattup man? My nigga Blaine in the back

I got a brain I gotta think
Blue is purple and purple is pink
I got a a brain I gotta think
Spillin this ink as I'm off of this drink

[Hodgy Beats]
I'm twisted, uplifted
Grey Goose splifted, head dose and finger itchin
Mind twitchin eyes, flickerin
I'm on a mission to the counter I'm gettin
More liquorin, in this system
Tried to pour it in my mouth but, I missed it
No hang overs for tomorrow, I don't get sick
But this sick shit, I spits vicious
Ambitious, ridiculous, audacious
Suspicious, malicious, nutritious
Yours broken? Nigga fix it
Mines cracked, lipstick
I'm cracked, bakin soda mixed with white girl
for the white girls to sniff it
Whiff this and get hip
to the new hot OF the lord Hodgy, the new cop
With a Glock, clocked back and pop
Not a slop sprayer so the haters get shot
After a while take a shot
Get me loose when I screw off the top, we +Rolling Rock+
Drinks on the rocks, like we on the docks
Cuttin L's offa knocks, playin XBox
while I'm in my socks rockin team blocks, foxy like a fox
Chinchilla gorilla, this song knocks
I'm the king and the beat's the queen
Left Brain on the scene countin up the green
He the principle, I'm the dean
Discipline the children between, slow-mo' caffeine