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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA) f/ Casey Veggies, Left Brain, Jasper Dolphin & Tyler
Album:  The Odd Future Tape
Song:   Lisa
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Jasper Dolphin]
I said Lisa you a stupid bitch
You kissed my dad, gave him herpes, now he got crabs
from his last girl; this other girl too
He kissed dad's sister sister dad's sister too
Lisa you dumb bitch, you left me for some other chick
nigga, and the baby too
The baby dick big, but mines a little small
I don't give a fuck; I look like a fuckin frog

[Chorus 2X: Jasper] & [Tyler]
Lisa (stupid little bitch)
Lisa (I really hate you for this shit)
Lisa (fuck her) Lisa (fuck her)
Lisa (bitch) Lisa

[Tyler, the Creator]
Bitch; gave you what you want, gave you what you need
Then I gave you kiss, now my penis bleeds
Now I'm at the clinic bitch, I'm stuck up at the dentist
in this motherfuckin relation, I hate it bitch it's finished
You gave me war, I gave you peace
Infection on your yeast then you tried to fuck my niece
She only seven... but when she turn eleven
Y'all can fuck the indians for hot dogs at 7-Eleven
Huh~! Yeah you tried to give a kiss
Now the little bitch got herpes on her lip
and ear bitch listen, you was it, I wasn't pimpin
You half black, how the fuck you gon' burn up all the chicken?
You can't make Kool-Aid, I'm so serious
No fruit punch so I had to drink your period
Fuckin buying Bape dildos up on my Visa
Huh, I was in love with you Lisa


[Casey Veggies]
Hey - what's this bump on my lip?
What the fuck is this yellow shit comin out my dick bitch?
I should've used a fuckin rubber
Lisa, bitch you told me your name was Rhonda
Showed my little brother how to take an AIDS test
Come to find out, my ass was positive
Took care of all seven of your kids
Bitch fucked Bobby Brown now it's her +Prerogative+
Sniffin coke, smokin grass
Shoulda never, fucked you in the ass
... and bitch you a crackhead
Everyone knows; we was all in the club
and they was like "OH!" And I was like {*smacks lips*}
And they were like... and I was like "Bitch, what's yo' name?"
And she like "Clean" and I'm like "Hmm!"
What happened?
I said bitch


[Left Brain]
You stupid ass bitch, I can't believe you did me wrong
I gave you a kiss and I went to go home
I came back to your fuckin house you fuckin rat
Now I stand here fartin sober I don't give a fuck you stupid fuck
Bitch you smell like ass, I gave you a kiss
I really love you bitch, why you do me like this?
I gave you everything like my fuckin dick
I gave you money, cars, and diamonds and shit
But I just see you just another bitch
that just suck everyone motherfucking dick
Always out on the motherfucking block wit'cha bitch-ass
Suckin up niggaz that got STD's and shit
Bitch~! I ain't takin care of you
and your kids no mo' so get the fuck out the do'
And get on your knees and suck my dick one last time
just don't times it nothin but you fuckin fall off my dick
This one time suck it suck it like It fall off and shit

[Tyler, Jasper and Hodgy Beats]
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa (I loved you bitch)
I gave you everything I had
Bitch I let you fuck my dad
(Lisa) Timmy (Lisa) Tracey (Lisa) Keisha

[Outro: Jasper Dolphin and Hodgy Beats]
See, it was all good and stuff
You would just come to my house and chill on my couch
but now, you gave me everything you had
Herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis
I can't even give my mom a hug and shit
(Hold on wait, wait, wait that bitch stole my motherfucking Bapes
(She took my Bapes!)
(Nigga she took yo' Bapes?)
She took your Bapes? Bitch that's based
I'll stab this bitch with a motherfuckin pencil
When I go get her, she gon' get knocked
(and my dick fell off)
I loved you Lisa (you pissed me off there slut)
We loved you Lisa
You even fucked everyone in the family
Can't even go to the family reunion, bitchhhhhhhh
Mmm Lisa bitch
Hehehe Odd Future, I'll shoot a nigga~!
(Odd Future, I'ma send a shout out to my dirty niggaz)
(the dirty skatepark, skatepark dirty dirty, aww)
Aahh, okay okay you can stop recordin nigga that's it
Waitwaitwait one more thing one more thing one more thing
Uhh, you still recording? Oh
Fuck 'em all Odd Future, bitch!