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Artist: Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Album:  Radical
Song:   Oblivion
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Tyler, the Creator]
White bitches, white girls, white drugs
The black girls don't do it but my type does
Fuckin in my white van, beat her with a nice white nightstand
until I give her task force nothin but the white meat
E.T., I.H., really use double D's
On her knees, whitey gargle yellow fuckin bumblebees
Future whitey that's my dinner course for intercourse
So much fuckin white meat Darth Vader have a dinner course
But of course, I'm the white boy that shows no remorse
Pull up on her stark with enough white to kill a horse
Black Friday, fuck a nigger Friday - um
+Wolf Gang+ make a pregnant white bitch wanna 'bort
Preem' that we mainly bring white pieces to the fort
Odd Future there wolf bang where a couple bears hang
All white Box logo with a couple fangs
Jets from the black and white clip high make it light grey
Oh wow, Obilivion stump
I do not know how that dead body got inside of my trunk
What the fuck? Gee Willikers and no, I'm not drunk
I coulda sworn that Budweiser can read fruit punch
Let you sip casually when you tryin to lose calories
I'm not a murderer, this occurance that isn't happening
Cause sporadically damagin my reputation
See I'm a good guy but when I see dead casualties
my penis gets erected and my nipples are such aroused
And the blouses of these bitches always end up in my house
And three hours in the showers with the corpse
I've ejaculated enough semen to sink a boat what? Umm
Riley's body is entirely covered and tied up
for my desire now look at the fuckin irony
I, killed my manager with an iron
all because the bitch finally decided to fire me
Back at Travvy's house even though that faggot admires me
All because I heard that he was talkin to Danielle
So now that I finally made that fag's head handheld
He can finally help me masturbate and read fan mail (homo)
First letter says "motherfucker you're dead"
The king of comedy heard everything that you said
And Just in Time your head is mine
You crossed the fuckin line like you dirty Mexicans
Second letter read "Hey son it's me
Fuck you, I'm a subject without my permission"
Third letter quote "Hey Ace I'm addicted to coke"
Wanna ask how I been so?
I make songs about shit for attention
Put them out randomly hopin that I get some
I got problems in my head that I want, no
But I don't trust anybody, yeah no one
I'm savin up 24 bullets with gun
Cause I got demons that I can not let out, umm
Hopefully the next album can help me out
Cause I'm now, livin this life with foolproof doubts
So - I just need someone to talk to, kinda rushed
But nobody gives a fuck
Fuck it, signed anonymous