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Artist: N.W.A. f/ DJ Train
Album:  N.W.A. Greatest Hits
Song:   Compton's N the House (Live Mix)
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* Originally Performed on N.W.A's concert at Anahiem, California 1988

[Opening Skit: MC Ren Speaking through 3" Glass and the 2 ways Phone]
[MC Ren] Yo, what's up nigga?
[Train]  What's up G?
[MC Ren] Yo man, I'm in this motherfuckin' kick it, tired of all this shit, man
I was lookin' for some bitches, nigga has gone to jail, you know what I'm sayin?
[Train]  Yeah man, just tell me what's up?
[MC Ren] Cause nigga I ain't.. I ain't with no bitch, no ride
You know what I'm sayin?
Niggaz said come on Ren, uhh, just let's go try to get some whores 
And this kind of shit, I'm like; Alight, let's go
Probably, tried to talk to these bitches
These motherfucking Police bitches, you know what I'm sayin?
[Train]  Y'all shouldn't have been fuckin' up down there, no way man
[MC Ren] I gotta get.. I told the motherfuckers not even to go around that way
Not down that street, you know what I'm sayin?
I told niggaz to go down here, down here in Corson and Compton
These niggaz wanna go way up in Hollywood
(*Beats started*)
[MC Ren]  When we're on the stage, we're in a motherfuckin' rage, so Dre
[Dr. Dre] What up?
[MC Ren]  Why don't you get the 12 guage? 
[Dr. Dre] Aww, yeah
[MC Ren]
And show them how Eazy-Duz-It
So if you punks wanna lay somethin' of it
Step up, run up, get up, what's up sucker?
You want some of this?
Then you're a stupid motherfucker
Kickin, like the kick from a kickdrum
Yella boy on the drum gettin' dumb
Programmin, a beat that's hittin' "that's what?"
And if you listen then you'll know we're not bullshittin'
Dope, like a pound or a Key, yeah
So shut the fuck up and listen to me
I make the killin'
I got fatter shit to the ceilin, why's that?
Cause I'm the mothafuckin' Ruthless Villain
MC Ren, stompin' any fool in my way
With some help from my homeboy Dre
[Dr. Dre]
Well, check this out
Now my name is Dre, uha, the mothafuckin' doctor
Yo, rippin' shit up, awww yeah, and here to rock you
With some help from my homeboy E
The criminal of the Ruthless Posse
Cold funkin' it up "word up" is what we do
The reputation of the N.W.A. crew
Gettin' busy, because we're cold stompin'
And we're born and raised
And we're born and raised
And we're born and raised in Compton
Now, all the ladies, all the ladies
All the ladies if you're good to go
Come on, say Aaooowww                  "Aaooowww"
[Dr. Dre] Ayyio Ren, won't tell them what the fuck you are, home boy
[MC Ren]  Ruthless Villain superstar
[Dr. Dre] Yo, I don't think they heard you, won't tell them what you are
[MC Ren]
I'm a Ruthless gangster, definition Villain
Leave your shit unlocked and he's stealin'
So call the police cause that's all you could do "but what?"
He'll get away without leavin' a clue  "yeah"
Keepin' shit in control like the neighboorhood chief 
But, referred to as a walkin' thief
They say he's a bad influence for the kids, home boy
[Dr. Dre] Why the fuck they're blamin' him?
[MC Ren]  Cause he's the one that they jock
[Dr. Dre] Cause he's the... (*explosion*)