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Artist: Notorious B.I.G. f/ 2Pac, Mary J. Blige, Nas
Album:  Duets: The Final Chapter
Song:   Living in Pain
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Just Blaze]
Welcome to The House of Pain, Just Blaze nigga

(Intro) Mary J. Blige
There's no way out, it seems I can't get free
Somebody tell me - what's happening to me

[Notorious B.I.G.]
The country bud got me choking
I'm on a mission to the point that motherfuckers think I'm smoking
Yeah that sick nigga Biggie with the 8 shot fifth
With the extra clip for that extra shit
Don't you know that a killing is thrilling?
All the blood spilling, is all up on the drug dealing
A born gangsta my daddy was a thug
Had a .38 with the hallow point slug
So when he lit shots
Niggas dropped, quicker than bootlegger sells his liquor
A little nigga tried to squeeze .22's in my Reebok shoes
Paying dudes, while kids was on their one's and two's
Now I'm much older, colder, fuck a holster
Got the MAC-11 swinging from my shoulder
It's a damn shame I got to put my mom through the strain
I'm living in The House of Pain

(Chorus) Mary J. Blige
Is anybody listening tell me can you see this?
Darkness be surrounding me
Now it's getting colder heavy on my shoulder
And it's getting hard to breathe
And it's getting blurry, I'm getting worried
'Cause it's getting hard to see
When your lamping in The House of Paaaiiinnn

The motherfucking dust kicker, Who can you trust?
Who gave you the heart to see a nigga?
Before you bust, my name is spoken on the tongue of so many foes
Busting motherfuckers out the blocks I ain't even go
Now how the hell do you explain my claim to fame?
From doing fix to busting tricks out the fucking frame
Got these bitches on my jock, niggas on my block
Jealous ass suckers got it ducking for my fucking glock
And busting niggas ass is to stay alive
Skinny ass playa watching victim motherfuckers fry
They ask me how I'm living? How I'm a hustler?
Bucking busters 'til they die
Now it's on in the ghetto you ain't heard?
Niggas got they AK's heading for the bird
Aiming at them skinny ass bitches let 'em rain
Giving 'em or wetting 'em, welcome to The House of Pain

(Chorus) Mary J. Blige

MJB, be worried niggas, yeah, Nas...
Yeah.., Wuttup BI 'Pac

Wendy Williams say "I stay dust" then maybe I should
'Cause these rappers will have your phone tapped like Savion Glove
And on the West yo police corrupt, some are bloods
But these Teflon I loaded explode in some mugs
I'm like Furious in 'Boyz 'N The Hood'
But at the drive-thru I ain't running I'm dumping
Crazy like a Piru and loc'd up, know how Nas do
I'm calling Henchmen and Conception
To organize a Black Truce
And we party hard party with Nas
Since they ain't no more - Mardi gras
And Bush won't apologize
I got gangsta hoes Kobe Bryant scared to sodomize
And .45's for them suckers y'all idolize
Y'all yelling my name, but y'all soon dying
Who be trying to portray real but they be lying
'Cause they want the real niggas to die so they can gain
But neva that, this ain't neva last, this The House of Pain

(Chorus) Mary J. Blige