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Artist: N.O.T.S. Click f/ Big L
Album:  N.O.T.S. Landing/Back Up Off Me 12"
Song:   Back Up Off Me
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[Verse 1: N.O.T.S]
Don't cross that line keep it in ya boundaries
You frucker I'm like Bounty the quick to pick her up her
A bottle full of liquor that shit I can't get enough of
Don't let it happen again I understand much love
Next time Mark Ferman won't even find my gloves
Now you know better don't even wanna hold the grudge
Was it worth it? You found out too late I was the wrong person
Who ate while everybody was snatchin purses
You bait, cause every time I see you you nervous
You defeated your purpose now you seeing is worthless
I gotta aks myself what the fruck I was doin
And I gotta aks myself who the fruck you was screwin
I'm ready for anything, off the top of the head
I say anything, and I'ma get mines any means
I'm in the cream I'm in the weed
I'm in the position to take over
I know y'all cowards will leave
And if I get cut I know y'all cowards will bleed
Every second every minute every hour it's cheese
A bloody mess that's what I'ma leave what you expect?
The hungriest has gotta eat, and that's N-O-T-S
Complimentary ain't nothin for free a lot of men worry
Baggy jeans NOTS search tensery
My nigga L told me that a lot of men bury
And when we go to court we not on trial we jury

[Hook: N.O.T.S. Click](2X)
Back up off me baby let me see where it is
A one way ticket to nowhere with nothing to blow here
I want it all nigga from the chain to the money
If it's something here that you want
Then it's something here to die for

[Verse 2: Big L]
Put the mic down and fight now
That's up to you, I got no love for you or that counterfeit clown you with
I might let this this four pound spit and leave your crown split
Fuck you and fuck who you down with
Yo, I clap at you then clap at you game with accurate aim
Blow off more than half of your brain for actin insane
You whack in this game I can see me now macking ya dame
Snappin ya pockets and snatchin ya chains
Shit I roll with cats that will attack in the rain
Be in the Benz or in the back of the train
Or the city bus, crones be hideous no-one I really trust
They call me Willie Hudge the way I mack these silly sluts
And right now I'm on top of the world
So when you see me comin through put a lock on ya girl


[Verse 3: ?Leg?]
Everything is clear, I can see now, no longer seem now
Together we explode is lethal, we get stronger than re-clouds
And it's allergic I think I send niggaz to turgis
We round up when it's urgin four pound up and lurkin'
Big your whole town up in hearses
And it'll stay with you for like a thousand curses
All I want is more cream all I want is more weed
All I want is your cheese so we can throw the hands
Or we can show the cans but you still no man
I fear no man there's no chance
Just be ready for that last slow dance
Many come many run many gun
But there's no warrant to city run
Under the city son I pity none
And I still knock down these hoes until I'm 51
Mom said: Leg you don't care about anyone
And on the scale of 1 to 10 she gave prrrt cause I'm a shitty son