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Artist: Nipsey Hussle f/ Snoop Dogg
Album:  Gangsta's Life (S)
Song:   Gangsta's Life
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg]
So motherfucking hood
It's your uncle Snoop D O Double G
Oh weee
You know how we do it on the west coast
West west yo diggy diggy diggy diggit yo

It's got a hold on me
The streets won't let me go
I'm in love
It takes it's toll on me
When I try to leave it alone
I can't say no to the gangsta's life

Gotta live a gangstas life
Gangstas life [x2]

[Nipsey Hussle]
Look what's up motherfuckers it's ya boy Nipsey Hussle
The neighbor banger that'll make the dope double
Block duck a cop cause yeah I'm all that
I made it out of haters try to see me fall back
I was once told that everything glittering is not gold
And money over bitches is the motto
Still some of these suckers think I owe him a dollar or a dime
I'm a product of my grind fuck is on your mind
When you talk I don't listen cause a lot of niggas lie
Rule 1 gotta get gotta flip gotta find your position while you in a south central state of mind
Another Nip Hussle you will never find
Take a look into my eyes see I forever shine
They should'ntshowed me that true niggas shouldn't have told me that
The streets they know they homies they always try to hold me back


[Snoop Dogg]
Give me a pen and a pad plus some Gin and a half
Put the clip in the mag put the zip in the bag
Eastside rollin in an 6 deuce rag
Don't be slippin cripping we will get you fast
Streets be calling see sawing
Never stalling you hauling
Play calling freefalling
Say it with me nephew we balling
Get a zone hit it hit it get it on
Yes indeed the capital S N Double O P
Bin doing doing this gangsta shit since 83
Back in the LBC
Check my fouls nigga check my pedigree
Next to homie big D nigga letter C
Another snoop dogg there will never be
Take my eyes have a look and you will never see
You should'nthave showed me that
You nigga's shouldn't have told me that
The streets they know they homies they always try to hold me back

[Nipsey Hussle]
Look Look
I got 20 thousand dollars in my blue dickie pockets
Up at 5 still shopping rolex same tocking or ticking
They slipping we different bitches
6 hoes on my checks and the crenshaw dish
On lock won't stop big chain big watch
Big rims 3 piece leather seats no top
Come through the block drive slow
Don't stop niggas whisper don't talk
Cause they know they get by
From the bottom to the top
I done told ya nigga
Self made getting paid like I'm supposed to nigga
Now the hating is contagious and the only prescription
is to load up a clip and give the nigga the business
It happens everyday just for instance
No weapons and no witness that means no conviction
While I'm mixing my patrone in my kitchen
Reminiscing before I make my transition