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Artist: Nicki Minaj
Album:  Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (Deluxe Edition)
Song:   Masquerade
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[Nicki Minaj]
Feel the, feel the, feel the, feel the beat of the drum
Move like you really wanna be number one
You can, you can, you can, you can beat out the comp'
Run like ya really wanna be at the top
Stop - adrenaline rush cause
You have been identified as a hustla
Topic of discussion but beat it like a percussion
and chuck the deuce up, and tell 'em it's just love

[Interlude: Nicki Minaj]
(Woop-woop!) Damn diggity dawg
Let them bums stay mad cause we're livin it up
(Woop-woop!) Shelltops is on
And I'm poppin like, I'm poppin like I'm poppin some corn
And nowwwwww
I don't wanna take you if we fall down - don't get upset
And nowwwwww
It's just the beginning and we'll figure it out, somehowwwwww

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
Right nowwwww! Masquerade!
Master the merry-go-rouuuuuund!
Right nowwwww! Masquerade!
Master the merry-go-rouuuuuund!
Right nowwwww! It's somethin you create
It's never ever too late, it's never ever too laaaaate
Right nowwwww! Okay to make a mistake
Yeah baby this is your day, it's time to masqueraaaaade

[Nicki Minaj]
Uhh; face it, face it, feel the bass in your face
Hit the finish line, first place in the race
Yes~! King Kong on your chest
Running and I'm coming, the baton to your left
Yup~! You can be who you want
Be who you is, never be who you aren't
Never, never fold under pressure
Desperate times get desperate measure

[Interlude] + [Chorus]

[Nicki Minaj]
Uhh, I'ma call you afro cause you're never bald
Fuck all you bitches and I'll never call
Next day, suck my teste
I ain't playin games bitch but checkmate
Checkmate checkmate; breaker 1-9
Break-breaker 1-9
Break-breaker 1-9
All my party people let me see you one time
Time, time, time, time... {*varied repeats*}


[Nicki] Right nowwwww!