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Artist: Nicki Minaj f/ Future
Album:  Queen
Song:   Sir
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[Intro: Future]
Damn damn damn right
Huh? Pluto, yeah
I can see it
All this green sir
Rollin weed sir
Big ol' racks sir

{"Metro Boomin want some more, nigga"}

[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, headline tours sir, with a band sir
I ain't pressed sir, over a band sir
Get her a ticket sir, she's a fan sir
Can't keep her man off my Instagram, sir
New slaves but I'm still the master
I'm whippin foreigns to make 'em go faster
Miss Aretha, I think I just passed her
Icy Patek, tell 'em "Kiss my ass, sir"
Pretty gang sir, pretty gangster
Said she was better than me, what a prankster
He said "You bad, Nicki," I said "Thanks, sir"
Stay in some +Fresh Prince+/prints, Ashley Banks sir
Call me A.I. sir, I'm +The Answer+
I'm in the playoffs sir, I advance sir
These niggaz broke, they ain't got no plans sir
I call 'em Sway, they ain't got the answer
Ass shots sir, with no chaser
Pretty titties all up in his face sir
They double tap sir, it's a fact sir
All the comments sayin it's a snack sir
New bae, I'm his dirty dancer
I said I wouldn't but I took a chance sir
Ride him like a sled, Dasher, Prancer
I bust it open for him out in Cannes sir
If I don't ball sir, I'll have a drought sir
Them bum bitches ain't allowed, sir
Yeah, NickiHndrxx, rrrrrr!

[Chorus: Future]
On the gas sir, on the gas sir
Splurgin cash sir, blowin cash sir
Fuckin hoes sir, fuckin hoes sir
Ridin foreigns sir, ridin foreigns sir
Dirty Fanta sir, dirty Fanta sir
Hot Atlanta sir, Hot Atlanta sir

Cockin hammers sir, cockin hammers sir (excuse my manners)
Excuse my manners sir, excuse my manners sir
Automatic sir, my bitch the baddest sir (bitch bad)
I'm livin lavish sir, fuck all the static sir (fuck all the static)
Out on bond service, servin dope sir (servin dope)
Where I'm from sir, they'll serve your mom sir (serve your mom sir)
Cocaina dealin, jackboy sir (jackboy)
Stars in the ceiling sir, dope in the attic sir (sir, dope)
Tarzan sir, I drive fast sir (drive fast sir)
Jeff Gordon sir, NASCAR sir
Pluto my first name, Cash last name sir
He wanna body sir, you tryna get some stains sir


[Outro: Future] + (Nicki Minaj)
Cockin hammers sir, cockin hammers sir
(If I don't ball sir, I'll have a drought sir)
(Them bum bitches ain't allowed, sir)
Excuse my manners sir, excuse my manners sir