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Artist: Nicki Minaj f/ Eminem, Labrinth
Album:  Queen
Song:   Majesty
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[Chorus: Labrinth]
Whatever you say, Mrs. Majesty (oh, oh)
Whatever you want, you can have from me (oh, oh)
I want your love, just lead me on
Won't give it up, hey hey hey hey
Cause I'm a sucker for ya
(Boom shang-a-lang-a-lang, boom shang-a-lang-a-lang)

[Nicki Minaj]
Mmm, uhh
Yo, I got the money and the power now
The G5'll get me out there in an hour now
The MAC movin like crack, I'm sellin powder now
G-game over, locker room, hit them showers now
I got the trophies and the catalog
Just did a deal, Mercedes-Benz, check the catalog
I'm buyin buildings, we don't buy the blogs (kyuh)
The Nicki challenge when I fly to Prague, uh

Cause I'm a sucker for ya
(Boom shang-a-lang-a-lang, boom shang-a-lang-a-lang)

[Nicki Minaj]
Uh, yo
Who want it with Nicki now? I smoke 'em like hippies now
They see me, say "Yippie" now, homes runnin like Griffey now
They switchin like sissies now, you niggaz is iffy now
Bitches tune switchin up, we take 'em to Jiffy now
I'm thicker than peanut butter, he nuttin like Skippy now
He want me to be his wife, his +Misses+ like +sippi+ now, uh


She invites me to the condo
Uh-oh, wifey's in Chicago {oh, oh}
My side piece, but she's also
someone's wife, so time we spend is borrowed
But it's our moment right here, fuck tomorrow
Cause moments like these are to die/dye for
And she's Clairol, +Nice and Easy+ as hair, when I'm bleaching it blonde so
We got that lightning in a bottle
... She's tipsy, I'm sober
So she gets a chip on her shoulder, sits on the sofa
I go to load a Slick Rick song or throw some Souls of Mischief on, she goes
"All that old school hip-hop is over; think that shit's got pneumonia"
I told her, "Bitch now just hold up!"
That's why rap needs a doctor, our genre's lymph nodes are swollen up
It's time to check it for strep or some tonsillitis cause like what they swab you with when your throat hurts
That's why Tribe is so vital, we need +Q-Tip+ for the culture (speed it up a little bit)
You ain't dealin with a fuckin featherweight, I used to medicate until I'd get a fuckin bellyache
And now I'm finna step on the pedal, don't wanna ever brake, I wanna accelerate to a level that I can elevate
Demented with the pen I'll make the motherfucker detonate
I wanna make it acapella, wait I gotta set a date
with the devil and celebrate
together we can renovate and re-develop, hell awaits and I'ma get a special place~!
Now, take a ride with me, hop into my time machine
I'ma take the driver's seat as I thrust into hyperspeed
like I'm a meteorite, and motherfuck the fuckin media right in the
behind, I'm a human encyclopedia, I must be
like pie crust because I was bread/bred to rise like I was yeast
And you're never gonna reach these heights, they're just too high to reach
And I ain't even reached my fuckin highest
You better, pick another game, try hide-and-seek
And you might wanna decide to cheat, cause you gotta open your eyes to peek/peak
Am I indeed the last of a dyin breed? Even if you fire-breathe
Ain't shit you can say to inspire heat
if you wrapped your entire Mead pad up in a dryer sheet
And I'm back to rule the kingdom of "fuck it"
Better not use me as your topic, anybody who brings me up duck it
Let me keep it 100, two things shouldn't be your themes of discussion
The queen and her husband, last thing you're gonna wanna be is our subjects, yeah


[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, now let me hit you back, told 'em I'd get you back
I know you sittin there just thinkin 'bout who did you that
I am who did you that, you trippin, did you pack?
Can't post on Nicki block unless you sellin Nicki crack
Here take a Nicki pack, check out this Nicki act
Nicki this, Nicki that, all these bitches piggyback
Ha, piggyback, ah, ah, ah back
Ah, ah, ah back, ah, ah
Out ah road them lovin my style (style)
The man dem want digits fi dial (dial)
Inna the dance, we a go skin out I know (I know)
And when I come out, gyals suicidal (suicidal)
Yeah on the real, I'm these bitches' idol (idol)
Gotta be dumb to make me your rival (rival)
Cause I'm too powerful (cause I'm too powerful)
and you not powerful (yeah you not powerful)
So say your prayers cause you 'bout to die slow (die slow)
Die slow (die slow) die slow (die slow)
Jealousy is a disease, die slow (die slow)
Die slow (die slow) die slow
Tell her, that jealousy is a disease, die slow (die slow)