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Artist: Nicki Minaj f/ Foxy Brown
Album:  Queen
Song:   Coco Chanel
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[Intro: Foxy Brown]
(Whole lotta gang shit) {"Beatzz"}
Oh, uh, ugh
Aiyyo Chun, uh, aiyyo Chun
We back on that Coco shit nigga, number one, uh
(Whole lotta gang shit)
Haha, every bitch bloodclaat girl
Oh, aiyyo, uhh, Brooklyn!
Kick for that stomach, let's go!

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
Yo, llevame a la coco, yeah a la coco
Ellos quieren coco, y yo tampoco
Never trust a broke hoe, don't fuck with po-po
Numero uno, me llama Yoko
Pull up in them thing-things, and let them things fling
Niggaz know my name ring, and it go "ding-ding"
If I get a inkling, the thing'll sing-sing
Ain't talkin 'bout the singer, the thing'll +Sting+ sting

[Nicki Minaj]
Aiyyo, if I'm in the Gurkha, then they in the back of it
If I tell 'em eat food then they make a snack of it
If they take your cocaine then they makin crack of it
If they yap your gold chain then they make a plaque of it
No we never lack on it, run up with the MAC on it
Put a couple racks on it, they gon' put the whack on it
She got the Nicki +Bundles+, word to Stack on it
That's word to Brooknam, that's word to Bucktown
That's word to Harlem World, shout out to uptown
You know I shine on 'em, I spray sheen on 'em
That's word to southside, Jamaica, Queens on 'em
I'm mad Queens on 'em, run mad schemes on 'em
I never scale back, the triple beam's on 'em
My ice gleams on 'em, Wu-Tang +Creams+ on 'em
I pull up on the block bumpin Biggie "Dreams" on 'em (woop)
Hun'ned degrees on 'em, but I freeze on 'em
A light breeze on 'em, I might breeze on 'em
Might do it like it's Christmas and light trees on 'em
I see the copycats bitin my steez on 'em


[Foxy Brown] + (Nicki Minaj)
{*rapid gunfire*} Gimme some bloodclaat gunshots
Brooklyn where the fuck we at? Flatbush, Bed-Stuy
That's my word to Big, I'ma murder them rassclaat
All-black Chloe straps, gally I'ma skully to the back
Fuck my ratchet at? Come make me dutty that
Puss dem I chat 'bout, back like I never left
Man down when I come 'round, all y'all bitches bow down
King Fox, King Kong, back on my Chun-Li nigga
Valentino bling thong, all y'all bitches duck me, fuck
Nick, come fuck it up, bad gyal a back it up
Coco 'pon my foot dem, C's pon my likkle pretty red bow
See dem buss one for baby, see dem, chuh!
Pussy whine chime, ay, ay, ay
The bloodclaat this, the Moet let me die
Them bitches in them bum-ass Louis thigh highs
I'm on my clip, blue Jeep, Van Herpen day-days, whoa
Gun slingers, let me see y'all gun fingers
Y'all bitches dick riders (little Nicki's) little Inga's, whoa!


[Nicki Minaj]
Foxy plus one, it's me Young Chun
And we ah-guh fuck up the place and done
So tell 'em run come, and bring a lump sum (aiyyo Fox!)
They don't make us or break us, word to young guns (put your hands up!)
Illest to ever do it, tell 'em fi recognize
Unuh Kartel, dem fi free up Vybz?
They call me Ms. Bitch, but I don't miss bitch
Got real shooters, better D up guys
Who me? I'm physically fine
Who she? Inside we know she dyin
Bitch ain't see Billboard in 2017
Had to drop "Queen" on 'em like a guillotine
All these jealous bitches on the jelly team
Keepin it a hundred, that's a jelly bean
Uhh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh, uh-uh (mm mm, ayy ayy)
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh (ihh ihh, ayy ayy)