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Artist: Nicki Minaj f/ Swae Lee
Album:  Queen
Song:   Chun Swae
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[Intro: Swae Lee]
Fall off in the spot {"Metro!"}
Wait up, they gon' do it while you drop
Pull up with no top
{"If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you"}

[Chorus: Swae Lee]
Fall off in the spot
Every girl comin like a shark
And you know my necklace
Sittin on ski resort
Fall off in the spot
Every girl comin like a shark
Put that thing in park
I'ma let my fifth pick you apart
Glowin in the dark
Fifty-eleven girls on board
Runnin with the marksmen
Everything on point like "En garde!"

[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, I'm me, I'm (Barbie drippin) DB9 (Barbie whippin)
If he say he don't want me back, he be lyin
Bitch, I'm the sauce (Barbie dippin) I'm the boss (Barbie sippin)
They keep tellin me work it, I ain't got no chores
I'm all yours (Barbie kissin) call the stores (Barbie shippin)
Out or indoors, baby, I'ma floss
Wet? Why of course (Barbie tippin) I endorse (Barbie strippin)
Mink carpet, but, I ain't got no floors
Doors look like wings (Barbie sittin) bada-bing (Barbie trippin)
Curve niggaz like they arm in a sling
Hopped off the swing (Barbie swingin) to the ring (Barbie blingin)
Good box, so he called Donna King
Who the fuck gon' party with them dollies? No I never do the mollies
If I hit you then you probably gon' sue
Who the fuck gon' come through with the body always lookin like a hottie
always sayin what somebody won't do?
Who the fuck gon' pull up in your city lookin every bit of pretty
with the itty bitty titty bitch crew?
Who the fuck gon' beat him with the .22 if he don't lose the attitude
and run off with his credit cards too? (mm)


[Swae Lee]
Thousand dollar massage
I don't ever miss my mark
Anything I like goes in the cart
I might spend it all to prove a point
Rollin West Coast, Arnold Schwarz'
If she lick her lips then I'ma join
Indo I'ma spark
When I cash out, that's her favorite part

[Nicki Minaj]
They delivered my Lambo, all white with a tan bow
My body's a work of art, he eatin this Van Gogh
I'm not in the bando, I'm Pablo Sandals
White beaches, candles, we sexin/Saxon, Anglo
Wh-wh-what you think all these niggaz wanna cuff for?
A lot of Bloods, what you think they in the cut for?
Yeah it's a sweep, I ain't talkin when the dust fall
My winnin streak still hasn't peaked, you little dustball
Bitch I'm a star-ar, me and Swae Lee, yah yah
G4s, 5s, Chun-way on the runway, yah yah
Riccardo Tisci in Milan, you see me modelin, ah
Dinner with Kar-ar, dinner with Karl Lagerfeld, yah
Yeah this that Steven Klein, Mert & Marcus, yah yah
Yeah just to take a picture, I go raise the bar far
I'm bitchy, yah yah, really bitchy, ah ah
America's Next Top Model, call me Yaya
E-e-every time I score she gon' hear them swishes, ah
Tell that bitch I'm in the league, she still play for Wichita
I piss hits broad, call me the swish God
The swish swish God? Yup, the swish God


[Outro: Nicki Minaj]
Mm-hmm, shout-out Giovanni
For doin that "Barbie Tingz" video, uh-huh
Nina Garcia, Stephen Gan, Elle mag, yuh, uh-huh
I'm still on my Naomi shit, Wilhelmina Models tip
Weezy, Mack, Baby, Slim
Gee I see you, Jean, Tezz, El, Shawn Gee
Monte, Avery, Roppo, Joe, Katina, Mike, Dave, Gary, Josh
Haha... uhh
Rap, Jigga, Kim, Wiz, Hillary, Khlo, Biggz
Juice, I see you Juice, keep me rollin Juice
You're in the middle of "Queen" right now, thinkin
"I see why she called this shit 'Queen'
This bitch is really the fuckin queen" hahaha-ahh!
AHHH-haha-ha-haaah! RRRRRR!
I love my fans, I love you so much! {*echoes*}