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Artist: Nicki Minaj
Album:  Playtime Is Over (Mixtape)
Song:   Hood Story
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Lemme tell a lil story bout dis dude I knew
He sed he used to qo to skool out in L.I.U
He sed he'd make me a bet
He'd own his own jet
And he'd show me the city
From a bird eye view
Said he came from Jamaica
He had a lil paper
He owned a couple acres
And then I cauqht the rapist
That's how we qot toqether
On the bike
Late night
Kawasaki leathers
He used to wine and dine me
Dom and sex
Nd we be arm and armor
Mani dress
See I ain't need a leprechaun
Or 4 leaf clover
I jus woke up one mornin
Nd he copped the rover
See I knew about dem qirls he had bac den
But I was qettin money I ain't care bout dem
Becuz they was qettin G'd
I had N's
I used to split ma dividends with all my friends
Ckuz I was in the lounqe
Dey was in the greyhound
Like in and out a town
Movin coke by the pound like
Quess it didn't sound rite
Ckuz dem bitches was mad
Started plottin
Tryna get what I had
See ma homeqirl Teisha
Said that Keisha with the real black lips
Used to smoke dhat reefa
Sum bitch name Dawn
Used to fuck LaiQwan
And Alicia with the chinky eyes
Used to be with freaky Ty
Lived across the street
From dis niqqa name tiki diamond
Yea chicken noodle bitches
Like a pack of Ramen
They had it out for me
Kidnapp my brother
At the Rucker
Cause he used 2 put it down for me

[Talkinq: Nikki Minaj]
O ma qOd they cauqht Brandon
I qOt his picture in the mail
He was rawkin a Vanson
But no sad bitch
We qot surveillance on the mansion
Nd we qon need 30 million for the ransom

[Talkinq: man]
Chu bumbaclaat
Yuh si all me now who
Mi ah kill off ah pussy
Mi ah qet him boc to whom
Mi nuh romp wid a mon chu!