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Artist: Nicki Minaj
Album:  Beam Me Up Scotty
Song:   Keys Under Palm Trees
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Nicki Minaj]
Hear the Devil callin, I can hear 'em
It's like I get chills down my spine when I'm near him
Mad I'm a tad too bad, I don't fear 'em
I don't need the preachers, I'm the high priestess
Everywhere I go I get "Hi nice to meet you"
Bitches know I be stiff, I'm the fashionista
And they know I stay around the white like a groom
Look up in the sky I see somebody on a broom
I think I'm gettin ha-high, ha-high on my own supply
Yellin RASTA-FARI when I'm ridin by
See I used to be the wife of a king
Back when I was smugglin them things in the bing
Now that I'm a boss bitch, it's a win-win
Come to Mr. Chow's or meet me in Chin-Chin
Now I get cha-ching and my name bells ring
Oops I mean my name ring bells, ding ding

[Chorus 2X: Nicki Minaj]
I'm in Jamaica with them keys under palm trees
The leprechaun sees, what my palm reads
And if my heart seize please call my auntie
I think them girls tellin, I hear them boys yellin

[Interlude: Nicki Minaj]
Get down, get down, get down down
Get get get down, get down, get down down
I hear them boys yellin
You can get down, get down, get down down
Get get get down on the ground
You can get down on the ground

[Nicki Minaj]
Man fuck a P.O., and fuck a C.O.
'Bout to "Set it Off" like Cleo
Mad they done, tapped my Trio, bagged my skio
Heard the bitch lyin like Leo
Anyway I'm the ninja, Kawasaki blazin
In a kimono, konichiwa to the Asians
I kick kick kick it like I'm Bruce Lee's son (hi-ya~!)
So all of that yellin in the street soon done
Cause if I take my ski mask off then I'm dumbin
The young Chaka Khan yes - I am every woman
And I am 'bout that coke not what'cha put the rum in
I say a little prayer, tell the Lord that I'm comin (comin)


[Outro: Nicki Minaj - singing]
Can you hear the yellin?
Comin for me, comin for meeeeeee
Comin for me, comin for me, comin for me