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Artist: Nicki Minaj f/ Red Cafe, Ricki Blaze, Ron Browz
Album:  Beam Me Up Scotty
Song:   I Feel Free
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(Pay attention!)
Shouts out Boggies I see you
S Breezy WHATTUP~?!
{The Aphilliates nigga, pay attention}
Don Cannon, money machine!
My big brother Infamous
Sticks Malone, whattup homey?
We workin nigga! {*TRAPAHOLICS MIXTAPES*}

[Ricki Blaze]
I feel free
I'm out with my niggaz and we just bought the bar
I feel free
Shorty lookin at me cause she know I'm a, star
I feel free

[singing gets interrupted]
Can't forget about my whole So Icey staff
Whattup Severe? I see you Portia
I see you Morgan whattup G-Boy?
{*shots fired*} We workin nigga, So Icey
Young Money, it's a movement!!
Pay attention stupid~!!!!

[Chorus: Ricki Blaze]
I feel free
I'm out with my niggaz and we just bought the bar
I feel free
Shorty lookin at me cause she know I'm a, star
I feel free
I'm in the club and I'm tryin to get right
I feel free
Most of all cause I got life
I feel free

[Ricki Blaze]
Send three or more bottles to our table five
We buyin out the bar, we livin our life
We gettin alright, shorties watchin us
We rockin in the club cause we straight dangerous
Me and my dudes, me and my dude
We lockin this down, Icey so rude
These dudes talk out they mouth but they ain't you
We shuttin this bitch down alright now


[Ron Browz]
I just signed a deal so everything is all good
Made a move to get my niggaz out the hood
Same place where Murder Ma$e once stood
Ferrari cars, material all wood
Now I'm in the club, bottles on me
Louis Vuitton bitch, models on me
Heavy chains (HOLIDAY SEASON NIGGA) on me
I'ma start now, all the project's on me
And shorty lookin nice so I'm lovin her
I don't care what you say I'm cuffin her
Seems how like I can't get enough of her
Diggin champagne, I can't stop touchin her
Her pretty eyes is killin me
Her glossy lips is stealin me
After the club ma we can chill in the B
Tonight is our night and ma I feel free


[Red Cafe]
I feel so free
So loose, drinks on me
I'm too G, Gucci links on me
Game locked down, I'm the nigga with the key
I see a girl, she so fly
She got wings, see her flow by
Whole crew sick, hottest things out
Street Fi-di-damn, bring 'em out, bring 'em out
Who then? LV on her shoulder
What else? She look right in the Rover
What else? In the club never sober
You ballers, we the niggaz on the posters
Rock star sho' Sonny Bono
I'm a Cowboy so Tony Romo
Shakedown shorty, that's the logo
Feel free, fuck the po'-po'

[Nicki Minaj]
Hopped off the boat, I am such an immigrant
Why he get Nicki Minaj tied up on his ligament?
Wait, just for the record get wetter than fisherman
Pull up with some 26's up under the Michelins
You know I pop pop pop it like a pistol
That's why I keep my wrist lookin like a disco
And everywhere I go they tell me that I'm pretty
My money slow my money stupid money ditsy
Mami you bad but Nicki is badder
Step your cookies up; go get you a ladder
We do it early like Cheerios and a bagel
I feel freer than the slaves on the railroad
You think I'm lyin? I feel like I'm flyin
I feel like I'm finally free
I'm free... I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!