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Artist: N*E*R*D
Album:  Seeing Sounds
Song:   Happy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Verse One]
The summer's gone too soon
The winter's coming out
And lives are falling and, I'm just bawling
You had me going out of my head!
And I look stupid
The game was gruesome
We're deep for awhile, and then in heat for awhile
But there's no need for you now, because I'm free of you now
You see I'm

Happy (happy!)
Things are lookin good now (good now)
I feel so alive (SO A-LIVE)
I'm on overdrive (overdrive)
I'm killin it, I'm killin it
I'm good, I'm good, don't try coming back
I'm good, I'm good, cause I will not be there
I'm good, I'm good, it's not like you ever cared

[Verse Two]
Smiles would die too soon
Our days were filled with frowns
My job was calling, my life was falling
My friends said I looked like I was dead
Did I look stupid!
Oh damn you Cupid
You were shooting at me, instead it landed on her
If this is how it should be
We should have stayed how we were
Cause now I'm


[Verse Three]
Damn you're stupid~!
How'd you lose it?
You had it all, but you treated it wrong
You've got some things to resolve, so I requested this song
Hey I'm just