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Artist: The Neptunes f/ Kelis, Nas
Album:  The Neptunes Present... Clones
Song:   Popular Thug
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[Intro - Nas]
Yeah, yea, yea, yeah
Yeah, yeah, uh, yo

[Verse 1 - Nas]
Ladies love what I been through, blood on my Tim boots
Snub noses, club closes, down where my men shoot
But she can't stand, I'm sharing everything wit the fam'
That means them too, flat screen, Benz Coupe
Plus I entertain bosses
At my Spanish style lagger filled, furnished up fortress
But look at this thang, in Alexander but Queens
Giuseppies, Xanadies, the sexiest bodies
And I, betcha she prolly, heard how I love 'em and leave 'em
But she still wanna suck 'em and eat 'em
Cause I'm a poet, a preacher, and a pimp wit words
A thief who stole her heart, a prince she deserves

I should have known, by the way that you stared
Eyeing passes by, like your rich but life ain't fair, but ya

[Bridge - Kelis]
Make my record skip
Make my record skip
Make my record skip
Make my record skip

[Chorus x2 - Kelis] + (Nas)
I would have never talked to you
If I had known you was a popular thug
Hey, popular thug (Ya damn right)

[Verse 2 - Nas]
I take, I don't ask for nothin'
You fake, I look past ya frontin', for cash I'm a glutton
I'ma, bad influence yo, I'll ya marriage ruined
By hangin wit me, you get ass from some new chicks
My life's so fluent, pass ya music
Honey's I hit, hear my songs and get mad and lose it
Cause I'm a sexed crazed bastard
I lace Kelis with a cushion cut engagement ring, we done, that's it

I should have seen, in the way you touched my hand
Shuffling your car keys, but sounded like a gentleman, but ya


[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3 - Nas]
I don't need more the ice grill, cause I don't have to
My eyebrows shaped like a half boat, and I don't raise 'em
The kid you can't budge him, or phase him
My money's amazin', honey Black, Puerto Rican, and Asian
What I made, look me and you the king is hooked
Got you the cayenne green Porsche, pushed
They off the hook, them and haters nightmares walking
You smothered by a popular gangsta, perfect boyfriend

I should have heard it, in the way you said my name
While I analyzed your tone, you were formulating games, but ya


[Chorus x3]

[Outro - Kelis] + (Nas)
Hey, popular thug (Ya damn right)