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Artist: Nelly f/ Akon, T-Pain
Album:  5.0
Song:   Move That Body
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[Chorus: T-Pain]
Move, that body
Work, that body girl
Twist, that body
Shake, it shawty
Move, that body (like~!)
Work, that body girl (like~!)
Twist, that body (like~!)
Shake, it shawty (WHOA!)

All my bad bitches stand up
See you by the bar, gon' put your hands up
See you got a boyfriend shorty, and what?
Ass so big barely pull your pants up
Well I got somethin for that, Rosť pour that
Hands in the air, put your booty where the floor at
You should know that, anywhere Mo at
Pause for the picture shorty we can take a Kodak
Cause you got some'n mean on
Like you painted them jeans on
And your whole clique bad, and your team's strong
I know your ex want you back, tell him dream on

[Interlude: T-Pain]
Shawty wanna show me how that body gon' work
I like all that seductionnnn
She got a lil' closer, over and over
Shakin that butt thennnn
I got sucked innnn
I gotta show her what's up thennnn
But if she wanna rock with a player
She gon' have to follow my instructions, like


Ain't no competition or dissin, that's my position
You listen and pay attention, you'll be feelin the same
21 and older, you shakin it cause you wanna
Nobody to tell you no so don't be feelin no shame
Now gon', shake ya ass, make your boyfriend mad (uh-huh)
Shake ya ass, make your boyfriend mad (uh-huh)
Give you somethin you probably ain't never had
I bet your baby daddy can't do that - I got that!
Killa killa for reala, got whatever you like
He give it to you, wrong, I give it to you right
He gon' give it for a second, I'ma give it all night
He just do it just to do it, I "just do it" like Mike



Ain't nothin like watchin you rock for me
Go 'head girl and just drop for me
While I'll just sit back
And just admire that
Hopin that you don't plan to stop for me
Brought about a hundred thousand stacks with me
When I know you like that
But I also like it when you