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Artist: Nelly f/ Sophie Greene, Yo Gotti
Album:  5.0
Song:   Broke
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Yeah, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh
Mm-mm-hmm, yeah!

Yeah I drink CÓroc, cause I fuck with Puff
I pop that Ace of Spade, because I rock with Jay
I'm on that Cali good, but I'm not in L.A.
I'm somewhat halfway, between there and the Bay
I like them bougie broads, I like around-the-ways
I take 'em outta they J's, put 'em in Hermes
Might hang out in the club, might chill in somethin safer
Kinko's and Office Max, I love to hang with paper
My crib is plush plush, I'm talkin elevator
So don't you touch touch, those {?} alligator
You fly, right? My fly is greater
Multiply the money, add the bitches subtract the haters

[Chorus: Sophie Greene]
(She says) I don't want no broke niggaz - no, no
I don't want no broke niggaz - no, no
If you ain't got no money then you can't do nothin for me
If you ain't got no money then you can't do nothin for me
In Vegas, L.A., M-I-A, New York, yeah I like shopping
If you can handle all of that then we can get it popping
Cause I don't want no broke nigga - no, no
I want the type of nigga who know how to ball, ohh

[Yo Gotti]
I'm Yo Gotti~!
You don't want no broke nigga, I don't want no broke bitch
Started ballin cut quick, I guess we on the same shit
She want me to wife her, maybe change her life up
Give the keys, shoppin sprees, and only if I like her
See money ain't the object but let's get it clear (clear)
This is not a gift, it's a souvenir (nir)
See maybe I'm that nigga who know how to ball (I am!)
He's thug well height, but the money tall
Audemar, his and hers, b-body straight, hips and curves
Friends hangin on your nerves, tried to tell 'em don't want your girls
I come from a different world, money do not grow on trees
That's why I had to hustle hard and get my paper out the streets (I'm Yo Gotti~!)


My money long, money strong, bitch I'm buku paid
I'm throwin shots back, like it's K-Kool-Aid
I got them cuckoo shades, them shits is crazy dark
I got two shorties feelin on each other's lady parts
Play your part (play your part) know your role
That Mustang cold, painted Olympic gold
I call her Eleanor, you know that she'll be rips
I'm gone in sixty ticks, t-t-t-t-t-ticks
Before my deal I'll cut by sixty chicks
Acrobatics got my money turnin sixty flips
Old schools, I be on that 60's shit
My nigga gone forever, intent with sixty bricks