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Artist: Nelly f/ Ali, Chocolate Tai, King Jacob, Murphy Lee, Prentiss Church, Tru
Album:  Da Derrty Versions  The Reinvention
Song:   Batter Up (Jay E Remix)
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Hands up now {*repeat 14X*}

[Chorus: Nelly]
Mmmmmm, I'm from where they cook the work in the kitchen (in the kitchen)
Why you think we rock these platinum gold grills (gold grills)
It take a whoooole lot of gr-indin
to put the Daytons on that Cadillac DeVille (well alright!)
I say but now we're up in the BIG LEAGUES
St. Louis, y'all up at bat (uh-huh)
And just as long as we livin (what about it) it's Lunatics playa
Derrty E.N.T., we all we got  ohh, batter up!

Check check.. I'm the lead-off batter
Shootin dice in the dugout, they gon' walk me, it don't matter
Movin up the ladder, Derrty E.N.T. we came fatter
They think my bat quicker, they check it every time it shatter
(Skerr-ERRRT!) She threw a knuckleball
The rookie ran down for one, I walked down and fucked 'em all
I keep it mellow, she one-point-five, I'm Cigarello
First base, Chocolate Tai come move the place

[Chocolate Tai]
Now who the hell left the gate open cause it stayed open
These haters prayin and hopin that it's not Chocolate
Don't pop the verses, I pop a lot
PULL UP SLOWWWWW! Pop a drop and still got fans in my five for naught
Been in the game for a minute, always represent it
Cocoa tenants, so-so Dior's in it  ooh gotta love her
Miss Loiusville slugga, try to tag, I can't touch ya
For her, DEA they tryin hard to fuck her


[King Jacob]
Yo, c'mon... as I approach the plate
My approach is great, 34 I'm fat, I'm holdin weight
Known for extra bases, got them extra cakes and pies
Throw 'em in extra basements, get them straight to go by ride
Heat don't wear me out, so that's cool, I doubled up
That mean the Benz get bubbled-up and your friends can come and stuff
I got bad nerves, no patience, up and stealin third
Nigga pass the word, Derrty E.N.T., fuck what you heard
Most my niggaz foul, cookin off the mans now
If I can make it home again I'd give my hat to the crowd
They in the stands cheerin loud, once the King takes up the scope
Anticipatin for mo', intoxicated the flows
My derrties make hits for sho' so I ain't stranded no mo'
You gotta be drunk, mad full of dope thinkin we handin it over
If I ain't, passin the doja, and addin the dough up
That mean it's, guess I'ma load up, see yo' ass in the hole up - KING

Yeah, and I couldn't wait to swing
With more blow than George Young on a Chinese bing
I'm a 16-year old drug dealer, with brick skills
That's where they sell it all, I'ma ball and make a mil'
You can see me now, I got them treaties now
I got them ounces and birds, I'm on the curb gettin greedy now
No shame in my 'caine  bakin soda, ain't my thang
Put your mouth on this pipe, and go and blow out your brain
I got that +Base+ like Rob, hit it your face throb
Shitty shark jumpin out the entourage like the mob
Move bricks like a demolitionist, never miss a hit
First round draft pick, money stretch long like elastic
Jack Frost put it in plastic
Hit the bricks, the shit flip quick, like gymnastics
Platinum and the gold grills, big ol' wheels
It's Taylor Made, Derrty Entertainment, Nelly what the diz-eal?


[Prentiss Church]
Ahhhh I wanna hit somethin, rip somethin, stick somethin
Pants saggin in my battin stance, set and ready  SWING, the pitch comin!
Double up like Ozzy do, halves, fifties and boppers too
We robbin you like over-the-wall grabs and how are you (safe!)
And I can stone on you, umpires tryin to throw me out
Fuck the game he don't know me, I'll show him what I'm all about
S-T-L-O-U-I-S; e'rrrrybody like "You the best"
That's why I got the Derrty medallion with diamonds on my chest
They got me playin center, and yup I'm still the center of attention
The gun to most niggaz in this division
I got a rifle of an arm, I'm skinny but I perform
I'm calm but still slept on like "Ring the Alarm"
Two corns on my big toe, lil' toe nail gone
I'm runnin through the catcher, whatever, to get the hell home
Well-known, line drive, head gone, headstrong
Derrty E.N.T. get in that ass  so you can head home


Well you should see me now, white Lambourghini now
Ain't really got nowhurr to park it but funk it, I got it anyhow
Only thing left for me to do is to "Dream of Jeanie" now
Smokin gabrini greenie now - but I ain't shy
I'ma go with white socks, and burrs on my team
I used to cut it, cook it, and place it  then purrs on the Beam
Used to slang that coke-y like Sammy Sosa
I would tell ya more but I ain't supposed ta

[Murphy Lee]
I want my name not, not said but screamed
Cause I finally seen "my dream" like Martin Luther the King
My pockets fat cause I been eatin since, '99
Put rhymes between fine lines, time to shine
I'm a 20 year-old silly dude, wit a Derrty deal
The biggest problem I got is gettin the spinners for my sturring wheel
I'm in the Coupe DeVille, left side in the back seat
Front seat be the good weed, back seat be the ass cheeks


Uhh... swing batter batter, swing if you wanna hit now BATTER UP!
Uhh... swing batter batter, swing if you wanna hit now BATTER UP!