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Artist: Nelly f/ Gucci Mane, R. Kelly
Album:  Brass Knuckles
Song:   Ucud Gedit
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[R. Kelly]
Ayyyyyy (ooh) ay-AYYYYYYYY
Sexy ladies!

[Gucci Mane]
Uhh, sexy ladies stand up, what's happenin?
(Gucci!) Polow what's happenin?

[Chorus: Gucci Mane]
Baby you the winner (pimp) you the one for the night
What you gon' get girl? The best sex of your life
You could get it (yeahhhhh)
I ain't trippin, I ain't crabbin, I'm tippin (Gucci!)
Real talk, baby girl you could get it!

Hey baby girl, congratulations
You might just be the baddest bitch I've ever seen
And your demonstration, standin ovation
You deserve your own cover of a magazine
You the winner, you can get it (you can get it)
Now this ain't no number, this a lottery ticket
Be careful wit it (be careful wit it) don't let it out (don't let it out)
See this can get you e'rything you dream about
Money  in large amounts; cars  I brought 'em out
And  and like a hole in my drawers, I'm ballllls, out
{Yeahhhhhh} Yup, and like a hole in my drawers
You heard me  I'm balls out


[Interlude: R. Kelly]
Baby you the winner, winner, winner, winner, winner, winner
Girl you could get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it
(Baby girl you could get it, baby girl you could get it, ohhh)

Get it shawty (you right there) you could get it
Get it shawty (you right there) you could get it
Get it shawty (you right there) you could get it
You could get it (you could) you could get it

[R. Kelly]
Bend it over, touch your toes, break that down, let it roll
Bring it up and strike a pose, freak it like you want it though
Baby you's a bad honey, hands-down bad honey
Do it wrong go home, do it right get money
You gotta freak that shit, fr-freak that shit like you want it
You gotta show some ass, show some tits or show some'n!
Just like a marathon, girl just g-g-go on, run it
You 'bout to fuck around and come up on that five hun'ned!
Shoppin sprees, livin V.I.P.
Out of the country, when you fuck with me
Polow, Nelly, Gucci, Kelly - you gotta like that
We big tippin, call it the Rat Pack

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[Nelly] + (Gucci Mane)
Said I ain't never seen a girl like her (like her)
I said I like the way she do that right thurr (how she do it)
The way she pick it up and bounce it in the urr (okay)
The way she rock them Apple Bottoms ain't fair (get 'em shawty)
Look, I don't play no games, I don't see she funny
Me, I hang with niggaz that get (straight to the money!)
You see, no my name ain't Hova mama but I can throw up a +Roc+
See anybody buy a house, but who can buy that ass the block?
Now I wanna take this time to thank my American Express
For allowin me to express my American the best
All you gotta say is yes, and all you gotta do is this
And now ya ass rockin with the best! (sho' nuff!)

[Chorus] + [Interlude]

[Outro: Gucci Mane]
Talk to 'em shawty (ha, ha, ha)
Hey! Nelly, huh?
Gucci, yeahhhh, Polow
Damn! Huh? Huh? Nelly
Huh? Polow, huh? Gucci!
Ha, ha, Polow, Polow
Nelly, Nelly, and Gucci, and Gucci
Kelly, Kelly, Nelly, Nelly
And Polow, and Polow, and Gucci
Ha, well damn, well damn
Bam, bam... {*ad libs fade out*}