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Artist: Nappy Roots f/ Anthony Hamilton
Album:  The Humdinger
Song:   Down 'N Out
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[Chorus: Anthony Hamilton]
Have you ever been down and out?
Not a penny left to your name
Broke down on the side of the road
Is anybody goin my way?
Have you ever been down and out?
Does it feel like you're drownin now?
Oh Lord be strong
Don't give up, hang tough when you're down and out

[Verse One]
I'm on the highway and got the pedal to the flo'
Find me movin at the speed of life, my elbow wipe da low
'Til the good'll blow, not knowin what my future had in sto'
When I'm thinkin to myself, daydream 'bout rollin in the dough
Threw out my task that is low, and I got halfway to go
to my destination, yes my Caddy hog is movin slow
Not today, come on dollar, maybe shawty swing my way
Top it off, I got my wallet, got two pennies to my name
How 'bout a pound from the {?} line, and three for gasoline
From a smile to quickly down to frown when situations change
No reception on my Blackberry, that puts me in a rage
Now I'm walkin 'bout a country mile and headed back again
Damn, mayne~! Ahead and back again
For the second time on 65, roll up and pass the Jane
Got my thumb out on a dusty road for anybody headin South
and bumper blues travellin, if he's down and out


[Verse Two]
Skinny, you say you watchin all of them cars just pass you by
Well I would come to get you but gas is too high
I've been blowin all day and my ass is too high
Got me hidin out - can't enjoy the blue skies
Hey, if you seen one you seen 'em all, can't beat 'em all
Took a loss, shake it off, live to see tomorrow
They done already cut the cable off and I done spent my last
on this Powerball, white man, please don't cut the power off
I try to hoop to take my mind off work
Wind up hurt, no cash in my pocket, tryin to buy me a shirt
I can't believe I wait so long in this line
just to get up to the counter and find my card is declined
But I done been thurr, it's all a part of the grind
Our public schools is daycare and the child's left behind
E'rytime I ride, nights 'til it's daytime
Then my car break down, I'm catchin the Greyhound


[Verse Three]
Uhh, now I wake up in the mornin feelin good
Cause I done seen it all from the campus to the hood
From sittin in county jail for not doin what I should
But even at my lowest, there my family done stood
From when I sold pieces to the people that I love
Runnin these streets when I should be with my gul
I had the opportunity to fly into Iraq
It's hard seein them soldiers knowin that some won't make it back
And then I see the hood and know the surface never scratched
Where most of us don't understand the pride in bein black
We think keepin it real is totin guns and sellin crack
But really that's the reason why most of us held back
I'ma tell you for a fact, I always say I'm blessed
Cause Africa is full of lil' children who got less
Give my tithes to the church, don't care if it's my last
If my car break down it mean I'm goin too fast
Now ask yourself

[Chorus] - repeat 1.5X, then Hamilton ad libs to end