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Artist: Mystikal
Album:  Unpredictable
Song:   The Man Right 'Chea
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Uh oh, whutcha want whutcha gon do nigga
It's the man right Chea
I know yall nigga ain't fuckin wit me, you lookin for me

If you gonna be down with me
Be all the way down with me, or get from around me
You see what I'm doin but don't like it 
even though everybody and their moms is bout it bout it
Our concerts crowded, crowding used to be down but now you doubt it
You fuckin playa hatin cowards!  We real over here
We buildin the No Limit mountain
2 million records and countin
So how the fuck is you soundin
Nothin but legends, two multimillionaires rhymin
Soundscan be astounded
We sellin, y'all drownin
Black owned and clownin
CDs across the counter
Told yall I was gonna do it
But you didn't wanna see
Wasn't worried about a nigga
Till I was leavin
Come here, let me show you the difference between a man and a ho
It's the man right chea, oh you lookin for me
Here I Go!
Whutchu want do nigga
It's the man right chea

Chastise and brutalizing, stop 'em from dissin
If I'm in it I own it, put the keys in ignition
I hope your seatbelts get fastened
I'm known for massive harassing
Havin to snatch your ass off the mic
Grab ya and slap ya
Psh come here, psh shut up
I know you ain't gonna do it no more
You sayin my name you must be lookin for me
Here I Go!
Whutchu whutchu want do
Whutchu gonna do
We can do it whenever however you want to
Entrepreneur soldier guns galore
Watch em burn bitch burn like a flame thrower
Rock it all sharp as a bull's horn
Long, strong as a python, whores they get they fight on
Soon as I cut my mic on
Niggas getting humped or stumped
Fumbling mcs I crumble
Come through like the reaper
So deadly you don't wanna rumble
That's right don't panic, Mystikal the mechanic
Sank you like a torpedo gigantic as the Titanic
Rhymes I'm hummin keep hummin
I'ma keep comin
Grabbin ya woman
But the drummer still drummin
Hard hitter, bullshitter, head splitter when bitter
Assassinate a rookie killa
Like Adolph Hitler
A mandingo WARRIOR
Opponents get crushed
I'm too cruel to be moved
Too fuckin much to be touched
Got em danglin and janglin
To that shit when they hear this
Fight me like a Viking, bitch I'm tragic like a terrorist
You think you don't like it but I have yet to begin
You'd rather be my enemy cause I'ma deadly friend
So stay the fuck from around me do I make myself clear
Unless you lookin for the man
Cause the man right chea