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Artist: Mystikal f/ Juvenile
Album:  Tarantula
Song:   Settle the Score
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What you about to hear gone FUCK you up
because this the first time you ever heard some shit like this nigga
I'm tellin you this shit so off the fucking hook bro
Ya'll man look check this shit out

{Humming in Background} + {"Waaaaaa" in Background}

Mystikal: Mystikal and Juvenile Nigga
Say Juvey they don't believe you did the beat bro

Juvenile: What you mean nigga, fuckin right I did this beat
Mystikal: I tried to tell them niggaz bro

I come with my own look, my own sound, my own style
Who the fuck you think drawed this crowd
It's the ripper, the clean up hitter
You bitter intimidating young long dick nigga
Now suck it, now suck it, while you around here playa hating
Your woman around here screaming Fuck Me, Fuck Me
Tell me something, don't I put down on my albums
Motherfucka nobody ever told you I was hard as a NFL Helmet
I write 'em, land 'em, plant 'em BAM Nigga can't stand 'em
On top, on sight, heads up, bust 'em at random (What You Did?)
I got the vest out, put the braids back, put on the bandana (What Else You Did?)
Signed a brand new contract, shot the video in Atlanta
Don't pull me, can't hold me the beat don't move me
You know smokin, drinkin whenever I kick it with Juvey
Back on my own, back on my zone
Feelin better, lookin better
Bout to go get it and bring it back home

[Chorus 2X: Juvenile]
A nigga got, got but I won't no more
Cause this time round I come to settle the score
Greedy niggas eat good, but not that long
They wind up with a stomach ache balled up in they home

You better cancel that shit, about you run this here
I ain't seen you on the charts what you done this year
Y'all thought "Project English" was the last of this shit
When I was really only given y'all half of this shit
Fuckin right I made the beat, and I wrote this rap
But a Niggaz In the ghetto want to post the crack
Got two Niggaz posted watching a bus with macks
Just waiting on the police and Niggaz to jack
To people across the nation, thanks for being patient
Ya'll been itching for some G-Shit Huh, I know you waiting
When you cop the cd, get some Herb and Ride
Turn the bitch up real loud so you can feel my Vibe
I got a long way to go, I'm just gettin started
I'm 26 years old and I'm still retarded
I ain't talking about handicapped
I'm talking about the way I talk and Express my rap
You Feelin that


Anytime you say my name make sure it's some good shit
Look I'm not your eldest rapper, I stay on some hood shit
Am I hatin on Cash Money, Now Stop Playin
I respect it How it came, Now I got Game (Bling)
I'm all about U.T.P. Family and Kids
And Takin Care of business it the way that we live
I don't need a record deal just give me my props
How many muthafuckas you know keepin it hot

Believe it or not, keepin my spot locked
I got more season than the seafood out the gumbo pot
Now run your mouth and lose your slot (I'm Lowdown)
I make em feed for me like junk is fever one more rock(Tease  Me)
Ain't this some shit I'm famous and rich (Huh Bro)
I got bitches I ain't even Fucked claiming my dick
If thats how it is, I guess we gone see
Is this all about that big truck and U.T.P

[Chorus and Ad Libs to fade]