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Artist: Mystikal f/ Pharrell Williams (Neptunes)
Album:  Tarantula
Song:   Go 'Head
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I was at the mall, and this girl passed me by
so I like her booty she said hey boy
That's when I made my move
I jammed up and jammed re-over there by the baby shoe
I said you got a chiled huh
She said yeah he live in Bogaluga out there by my momma
Give me yo' number and I hit you when I make it home
And after I take a bath I'll catch up wit'chu later on
That's exactly what I did
We went to the movies got some eatin' back to the crib 
Being a man you know I'm thinkin' about hittin' somethin'
She said this you nice but this the first date you ain't gettin' nothin'
That's alright cause I respect your mind
It ain't no rush cause I'mma get you next time
We ain't got no beef, we ain't got no quarrel
You likin' me tonight, but you gone lovin' me tomorrow

[Hook: P. Williams]
I said go 'head, go 'head and move it baby
You've got 'em watchin', go 'head and do it honey
You've got 'em comin' now, you've got me watchin' baby
So don't you stop it baby, you got me so..

Must be my baby cause I seen her everyday this week
And when we made love you know we went meat to meat
I think I'm headed for a Love Jones
This one hear supposed to be a jam not a love song
Girl you got me humpin' and don't ask me what I'm doin'
cause I'm thinkin' 'bout my pumpin'
They call her pumpkin' cause she workin' with somethin'
I call her bia' cause she carryin' my youngin'
I made her Cavalier a Navigator, and put baby momma on a Jaguar bling
I for you and me for me
She built like a stripper I don't need to cheat
And when it's late she's always inside
Under the cover behind her cuddled up wit' her
And since we met you been the love of my life
We ain't married but we call eachother husband and wife


We always home and all we do is laugh together
Even watchin' T.V. takin' baths together
Went through the sunny and the nasty weather
My feelin' short so I ain't have to tell ya'
And I would never try and use you
I care too much to hurt you, and need you too much to lose you
We have mo' babies than my cousin' Weebie
I'm goin' be yo' King Tut you goin' be my Nefa Teenie
Tell me what you say to that
I be coming home from work sayin' where my ol' lady at
And you come runnin' from the back room
And you know how much I love to see you when you wear a cat suit
Now give me what I want want
I say where them trishes at I took 'em by the mall mall
You make me feel like a man, cause you can't get enough
Girl you got it you got it bad

[Hook 2x]

[P. Williams] (Mystikal)
I said go 'head, (move it)
You've got 'em watchin'
You've got 'em comin' now (watch it)
So don't you stop it baby (stop it)