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Artist: Mystikal    
Album:  Tarantula
Song:   Alright
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I see uhh, y'all don't understand huh
But, let me see if I can uhh (who)
Make it a lil mo clearer for y'all

Can't walk on water or jump over buildings or nothing
But I was the first to get ya hurt and get the fuck out rapper 
So pay attention to what I put on the chalkboard
I'm the start of the concrete
The lyrical lawnmower
You can say this the house I built
Off'a shit bitch fuck dat
Non filt ba'dat-tat-tat
Boom boom boom
Your Louisiana number one Zorro of the two boom
Get caught
Roll thru
Hold back
Come short
Go gold
Fall off
Fuck dat
I told ya I was coming back harder and I meant that shit
Yea I mad a couple million dollars last year
But I spent that bitch
Like martin Luther king ya'll project jealous
And ya want me killed
Like the white man from town
Got me on the scope
But I won't stand still
Cause I put the haaa-o in da hot sauce
And the jaguar with the top off
See I started it

Who, who, who, who, who, who
Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright
See I started it
Who, who, who, who, who, who
Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, alright

Verse 2

And I do not like to promote violence
Or diss other artists or nothin'
But I'm faithful to gumbo
And it's killed to be killed
The game
Jack knife
Let it rip
Don't hold back shit
Nigga say what ya feel, Fa eva
It's graphic and explicit
But I be rappin' up in dis bitch
That's how I do it when I kick it
And who-eva it is that complain
Only reason you got somethin' to say if I'm late
Cause I'm the only reason you came
This is for the grown folks
And if you don't like what I'm doin'
You can suck my daddy long stroke
Been crunk
Been trunk tight
Those was the school days
Gamma Phi Kappa Si
If ya stumble 
They don't see ya nigga
Play it off
But if they disrespect you 
Front ya
Take they head off
So this is what it's come to
Don't give a fuck
Nigga what
Nigga who


Verse 3

I thought I heard you talkin' shit
And you ain't got nothin' out
So nigga fuck where you come from
Nigga fuck what you talkin' 'bout
Heads rolled
Less bread
I'm talkin' my way
Some'o bitch ass nigga with somethin' to say
I' on think ya'll know how serious I be
And how real I be getting' when I be up in here kickin' dis shit
I guess I'mma have to show you
Take a picture
No sympathy
See my face and remember me