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Artist: Mystikal f/ Nivea
Album:  Danger (Been So Long) 12"
Song:   Danger (Radio Edit) *
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* features an extra verse not on the album

Mmm, mmm, mmm
You know what time it is (radio) and you know who this is
DANGER! DANGER! Get on the flo'!
The villain right chea; sing it!

[Chorus: Nivea]
Been so long (sing it!) Since, he's been on
So please (get on the flo'!)
Show me (the villain right chea!)
What it is that you want to see

Go tell the DJ to put my hit on
I'm keepin the fellas and women a jumpin from the minute I get on
Takin they shirt off, showin they tattoos, 
screamin and hollerin and all
Got the gift to come up with it,
put it together, deliver it, make them feel it, look I been on!
Sharp! Like you pulled me out the pencil sharpener
Bad! Like that student in the principal's office
Put rappers in coffins, they dive like dolphins
I'm the damndest lyrical marvel you come across often
So watch yourself!
Or mess around and get beside yourself, I know!
Go head though.. bounce 'em, shake 'em, drop that {**}
Stay in line though
Forget a cain't, because you can can
Cocked up or head down, {**} poppin on a handstand
that leave that nucca smokin
If you gon' do somethin then bend over, and bust it open

[Chorus] - 2X

Yo I hope my concert line around the corner
Parkin cars, fellas forget it, girls nuttin on her
You lookin good momma - Why? Pshh, what's up homie?
Sirens, limousines, and the club owner - ya trick you!
If you late, ain't no gettin up in heah, cause it's fillin up
Inside packed from the flo' to the ceilin up
The buildin ain't big enough!
I'm backstage bouncin adrenaline buildin up!
The nucca cutter, did I stutter?
The heart flooder, make your woman drawers melt like butter
Down like Nelly, I'm +Hype+ like "Belly"
The rhyme seller!  Take off like Jim Kelly!
Stand up, round out, boot up and frown
Tell somebody if they wanna try it then boy come on down!
No sweat, no blood, no tears
And if I tell you it's a hit then THAT'S JUST WHAT IT IS!

[Chorus] - 2X

I wanna see these fake rappers get off the mic
Get in my room, you crowd my space, they got you all in my light
Watch out mayne!
I'm rippin 'em solo, I jump from the shelf they records sell no mo'
Throw lyrical bolos, and head busts, and rhyme elbows
So get off me!  Tip-toe out slow but softly
Hurry up, you might not be able to do that shorty
{??} entertainer
The whole crowd screamin out, "DANGER! DANGER!"

[Chorus] - 2X

Get on the flo'!
The villain right chea!  Sing it!
Get on the flo'! 
The villain right chea!