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Artist: Mystikal f/ Da Brat, Petey Pablo
Album:  Let's Get Ready
Song:   Come See About Me
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[Da Brat]
What's up my nigga
It's Da Brat-tat-tat
Lettin' the whole motherfuckin' world
Know I got your back
If you don't like what my nigga Mystikal do
Come see 'bout that shit
Step to it, know what I'm sayin'
You don't like what the fuck I do, step to me
We 'gone see about your motherfuckin' ass, nigga
Huh, uh, uh

[Da Brat]
If I do somethin' you don't like
Come and see about it
You wanna box, get'cha dukes up, I'ma be 'bout it
And ride off into the sunset,
With the windows down, feet out it
I got a foul mouth, I blow weed out it
Seperate these thighs, get the price and eat out it
Ain't no other bitch rowdy like me
S-O, S-O, D-E-F, you C.K.
Y'all bitch ass niggas disbehave me since the first day
Worst way to kill 'em is hit the top of the charts
First week at number one, R&B be a war
Leave ya fake-ass manager home
And if you eager nigga, to see about me, come along
I keep my enemies a far, don't need a friendly to leave
I make at least twenty-five just to breathe on the beat
Tell me, how many niggas wanna fuck this bitch named Brat
60644 is where I'm at, come see

[Hook: Mystikal & Da Brat] 2x
You don't like!
Come and see about me
You gotta problem!
Come and see about me
You hurry up and come!
Come and see about me
What's up whodi!
Come and see about me

[Petey Pablo]
(Who-a dat?) The burnin man (The burnin man?)
Yeah, came here to burn some ass
You don't see the burnin' man
You don't see the blazin' hands
You don't see 'em when I walk past
(All smokin' in Hell)
The So So, Da Brat brought
Petey Pab and Mystikal
Not nan' one of y'all,
Can fuck with these bulldogs
Known for breakin' the law, just came home
Get it on 'bout this damn microphone
Who the best, who said this and who said that
Here go three of the best on this God damn track
And you can believe that
Willing to bet my Jive check
If you don't rewind this back
Somethin' wrong with deck
I'ma can't forget spinnin off the wall type shit
And no it didn't, I'm talkin' 'bout y'all type shit
Greensboro to Cuira, Chapel Hill type shit
Better send them folks to check for this
Cause I'm the one that ill

Hook 2x

This one is from your majesty, his lordship, your excellency
Bitch barely can see me - definitely can't stand next to me
Dick get hard like Rottweiler (you can handle it..)
You know that fool can break down hits on shit, get adrenaline spannin
We gon' kill 'em in New Orleans, like kill 'em for jumb'
As cold as the Arctic, recorded in Georgia (rouff, rouff)
Ninety proof through the roof, y'all niggas pink lemonade
I hit the booth, your whole crew burst be kinda late
Such a bunch of fuckin' cowards
Ain't worth the dirt that come off my ass
You go down the drain when I take my shower
New Expedition be a Eddie Bauer
Sometimes I gotta comb these fuckin' rappers hair, fix they collar
Wanna be like me, we can take your bitch, and smack that daughter
Be a man, and tell them bitches what you causin'
I'm a south cowboy, Howddyyyy!
Call them creepers, come and see about me

Hook 2x

I come from out that Cajun, I'm stayin ragin, keep it blazin
Bitch I'm crazy, half man, half amazin'
Half way up the charts, and bitch I'm halfway in your ass
I'm only halfway with this rhyme, and got half y'all mad
Soon as I come in this bitch
You know I'm comin to spit you somthin
Then Michael Parker said "That's a bad rappin motherfucker!"
I'll bust your ass up like a
Mutherfuckin' bug stuck on the windshield wiper, walkin'
Catch a temper-tantrum, from Mr. Shit-Talker
The vulgar, the champion'll knock ya show off!
I'll cut 'cha like a Newport, with no gauze (oh don't)
Bitch I'm stupid like I lost a few marbles
Still balkin, still tossin 'em
Still holdin' MC's hand
Takin' they ass across the street walkin'
So let me know when you ready to bust
With your head on the pavement
Bring ya ass, you don't need no fuckin' invitation

[Mystikal & Da Brat]
Come and see about me
Come and see about me, nigga
Come and see about me
Come and see about me

Hook 2x

Come and see about me
Come and see about me