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Artist: Mystikal
Album:  Mind of Mystikal
Song:   Y'all Ain't Ready Yet

Man, them niggas can't fuck with you, man, fuck them niggas man!

I know, I, I, I know
I know y'all niggaz can't fuck with me cause I can't
fuck with my damn self
I know, I know y'all niggaz can't fuck with me I
I know y'all niggaz...
Ungh, got-damn it took a nigga
thirteen motherfucking years through this shit
bruh, I been rappin since La-Di-Da-Di some fucking where

I know y'all niggaz I know y'all niggaz I know y'all niggaz
Aw shit, it's on nigga


I'm still not that nigga to fuck with buster, bad for your ho health
I know y'all niggaz can't fuck with me cause I can't fuck with my damn self
When Mystikal hits the door (door closing sound)

See can't nobody fly, through the swamp and bayou, like I do
I know y'all niggaz can't fuck with me and they can't but they try to
Some niggaz just need to be warned
It's gonna be harder to get it up on a my own
nigga go ring the alarm
Matter fact better know what it take
for the back of your head to hit that grass
Let' s get this straight from the jump
I ain't playing with your bitch ass
These outside niggaz that run to the mic better come clean
Fuckin with that Saudi Arabian
Desert Storm veteran 12th ward offspring
I'm runnin these niggaz to the jets
to the hills, to the back of the tracks
A-A-ask them hos, did I do that?
I'm coming boisterous with 5 million switches
I'm the man with single and double and triple
and four five six time them bitches
I'm the nigga with the go head, fuckin your bitch up in your bed
standin 5 foot 'leven dick crooked like a roach leg
Much bone and I don't fail a test
Little nigga fuck hos both sides of the river 
I can't be fucked with, you can't touch this better grab hold
Bitch I'm so cold I'm like a 24 year-old north pole!
Give a fuck about these raggly ass hoes
Grippin my nuts as I strut in my baggy ass Girbauds
Makin em stop, (bigidabounce) pause, Like Jubilee All
I'm harder than a nigga watchin' Janet Jackson in draws!
But if ya catch me on the tv, or the radio spell it
M-Y-S-T-I-K-A-L  y'all ain't ready though!

Chorus 2x

So Mystikal, in your own words could you explain your style?

I gotta get a rhyme that can tumble through the air like a Rambo spear
See y'all can stop lookin at another nigga
face cause bitch the man right here
You nigga didn't think that I could swing mine 
Bitch I'm doing bad and saying rhymes at the same time (I ain't lying)
Talking behind my back don't make me no nevermind
Cause all you can say is I'm smarter than Einstein
I'm fire like Cayenne!
You'll never catch me cause I'm swift as a hyena
Gimme the chance I'll rock the lakefront arena
like Teena Marie be rockin Tipitina's (damn Gina)
Tall dark strong long and lean ain't nobody comin cleaner
It's all in the way I lay my game down
Watch me swing with the gillotine rollin round nigga town
But everybody think these niggaz be wantin me
to prove that I'm the man
Bitch I'm colder than a freezer, cooler than a fan
I got no love for no b-i-e-otch
Matter fact's been that way since I was wearin osh kosh b'gosh
But yet y'all steadily trying to squab bout me
When I come in this door the only thing y'all can do is talk about me
Better get some business about yourself that's what you better do
Matter fact I'm a tell you mother fuckers three things I'm a never do
One : never gonna change my style
Two: never gonna bounce, three: never gonna bow
I'm gettin tired of being sick and tired
Nigga you got a problem with me gettin' high
Suck big dick and die
Same rhyme phrase get me paid, they can't fade
the tan shade man with the braids
Bitches peep as I creep through the 12th ward
I done offended these niggaz compare me
to niggaz that gotta practice looking hard
Bitch-a won't leave me alone
I'm not that Thug and I'm not that Ruggish but I do pack Bone
Black prince of the south that's my title
Bitch I'm whoo chka ckha oooooww! bad like Michael
I'm throwin rhymes at a steady flow
(Inhaling) whoo there they go y'all niggaz ain't ready yo


Bitch I pimp hos instead of an army petty shit it don't harm me
Bitch I'm entertaining like Cedric and I'm mac like Bernie
I'm black like Menace and I'm g like Slimm
I'm Sporty like T and I'm smooth like Tim
I can click just like the boot camp but I'm conscious like daughter
Bitch I'm insane but um, you still be wantin
to claim that I'm your partner
I'm Down just like Bust plus I'm Ice just like Mike 
And I'm the living lyrical miracle I'm just ice like precise
I'm the invisible man you blind you can't see shit
Picture I got more bitches on my dick than bitches at FREAKNIK