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Artist: Mystikal
Album:  Mind of Mystikal
Song:   Never Gonna Bounce (The Dream)
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Y'all bitches... get cha mind right
Get cha get cha mind right
Get cha get cha mind right
G-get cha mind right, get cha mind right
Get cha get cha mind right, get cha mind right
Get cha get cha mind right..

[1st Verse]
I'm tryin to do my thang like a rap star
Tryin to stay clean, make my ends, and avoid the game but it's hard
Cause I can ball dope and get paid like a motherfucker
Gotta be another way to pay T. Tucker
Used to roll twenties by the ounce (ounce)
But poppa got a brand new mag it's called BOUNCE
Crackers wanna label me a nigga man, but I'm a bigger man
I'll say, "Fuck David Duke I'm the Trigger Man!"
It's the new Southern train goin round
I started in the St. Thomas, then it moved to Gulf Town
Saturday night was the time but - where your gat?
Niggas get WILD when they hear :Where-dey-at? Where-dey-at?"
You bitches tryin to pussy-pop
Me and Herb slang tapes ten dollars a WOP
I got the tape that you NEED, the tape that you WANT
Slangin tapes out the CLUB and tapes out the TRUNK
When them Trigger Man be a story
Take it to the St. Thomas rock another block party
DJ Irv had that shit bumpin
T.T. Tucker had the 10th Ward JUMPIN!!
The whole project full of hoes
(Come on - go T.T., go T.T., go!)
But if a nigga jumps stupid I'm blast ya
Who put the fuckin thing together?
ME! That's ME! That's who!!
I told you don't fuck with me

[Chorus: repeat 3X]
Neva gon' bounce, neva, neva gon' bounce 
(Never.... say never)

[2nd Verse]
Oooh, see I'm the one that they talkin bout
Drop a little red tape in the store and it sold
and my pocket got swoll from the shows
I bought a little more gold and fucked a lotta more HOES!
All them bitches know whazzup (how dey know how dey know?)
Shit, they heard me on the radio, boot up or shut up
"Where-dey-at?" hittin dead home
If it wasn't bumpin in your ride it was bumpin in your headphones
No it ain't goin to my had cause I ain't gon' let it
Damn it feel good gettin sweated, hehehehe
Uptown, downtown, cross the river
Don't matter I'm the nigga, the nigga nigga, the nigga nigga
One brick object (What happened?)
Couldn't keep my motherfuckin ass out that project
Shit, that's when it happened (What up?)
5-0 busted in there was a raid and I was captured

[1st Bridge]
Alright, all you niggaz on the floor right now!
DOWN!  Get out the way!
Ay man, why you fuckin wit me?
I'm the fuckin boss, I put this shit together!
I tol' you that {*punch*} shut the fuck up!
I don't give a fuck who you are get your ass on the floor!


[3rd Verse]
Man calm down, calm down
Yo T.T. don't trip (f'real)
Cause when them laws let you loose, boy we gon' handle this
See you gon' get your shot at limelight
But in the meantime in between time keep your mind right
(But man they said that I was wanted) For what?
(Narcotics, homicide, shopliftin warrant!
 So much shit I can't finish.)
This call concludes this minute {*dial tone*}
(Hello? Hello?
 BITCH! You gon' hang up on MEEEEE??!!!!!)

Alright (*repeat 21X*)


Shake that ass, never gonna....