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Artist: Mystikal
Album:  Mind of Mystikal
Song:   Dedicated to Michelle Tyler

*A brief tone*

Miss Michelle Tyler:  Sweet, beautiful,
intelligent, talented, creative, and
crazy as hell.  And missed more than
anything in the world.

Thank you for being the best sister
a brother could of ever wanted.
Twenty-four years.  Laughter and joy.
Sure is gon' be hard not being able
to see your smile again, baby.
So, I guess, I'll just hold onto 
all the memories that we did share,
until we meet again.  

Anyway, I did it Chell.  We did it.
I wish you could of been there
for the finishin' touches,
but it's all good, 
cause your gonna always
be in my heart.

Oh, thank you for hoopin' on
I'm Not That Nigga for me.
You did that, baby.  You
were already a angel, so 
I guess your just goin' home.
And, I know that heavenly
choir sound good up there, now.
They one more strong.
So, you keep singin' baby,
and I'm gonna keep you in my heart
and my thoughts.

I love you.