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Artist: Mystikal f/ Master P, Silkk the Shocker
Album:  Ghetto Fabulous
Song:   Life Ain't Cool
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[Master P]
Woman like my momma
Ain't no woman like my momma (11X)

Sharin liquor with the homies, reminiscin bout the old days
Cookin dinner in your kitchen listenin to the Bar-Kays
When I was sick, you came got me from school
When I got suspended momma, you taught me the rules
And even though, I never had a daddy
Momma took me where I need to go in a old school caddy
A single parent on welfare
And even though times were hard momma made sure the rent was there
And we couldn't fold name brands
but momma kept her kids neat, that's why we understand
And momma even rode the Greyhound
to see her little man, when he was locked down
And even though I life the STREET LIFE
Momma prayin for her baby, hope he get his mind right
It feel good to see momma on top
I told you if I make it momma you won't be forgot

Chorus: repeat 2X

[singers]  Momma life ain't cool
[Master P] Ain't no woman like my momma
[singers]  Tell me what would I do without you
[Master P] Ain't no woman like my momma

I thank God, for keeping you strong, but you keep me strong
Things'd be different if, momma wasn't home
Who gon' fix the grits and eggs and smoked sausage
Teach me and love me and raise me and watch me
Who gon' lift my spirits when I get sad?
Discipline me when I need a stain whip on my ass
I was seven years old when I lost dad
Trying to accept the fact but I was too young to understand
Who gon' take the slack and carry the load?
Make ends meet while in the grocery stores?
Who's the single parent to me and my big sister
that had me happy on my birthday and merry at Christmas?
Who took care of us, did everything for us?
Stood by and didn't leave, just because
we was yours, she was ours
Who was still sweet when everything went sour?
You mom!


[Silkk the Shocker]
I couldn't imagine gettin this far, without you
Even when the bills was due, you found a way to come through
Even though we didn't have money, we seemed rich
We had each other me and my sisters and brothers, forget the other shit
You was side by side when I was sick
Early in the morning, cooking eggs and grits
You was the first one up, but you was the last one sleepin
Made sure we had somethin to eat, last one to eatin
Couldn't live our life for us so, let us know
Wanted to tell us, but you had to just, let us grow
Gettin older now, soon have to, let us go
We was goin through some things momma but you never, let it show
And I only get one of you so I, cherish the times
Didn't know how to tell you how much you meant to me
So I wrote that line
So wherever you at, I hope you doin fine
You did so much for me then, I'll do the same for you in time


Chorus w/o Master P