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Artist: Mystikal
Album:  Ghetto Fabulous
Song:   I'm On Fire
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

What the fuck?  Shit..
It's.. HOT!
I'm steamy, sweatin, tossin and turnin
The whole house on fire, and I can't stop it from burnin
The curtains and the walls all indulged in flames
I yell, "Somebody help me!"  But ain't nobody pay em
I try my best to put it out then I said, "Fukkit!"
Break, full speed to the back door, one room away
But the faster and harder I ran it seemed like the longer I took
Prayin, "Please God spare me; I don't wanna cook!"
Knew I that I did done some things that I shouldn't of
I knew I didn't come into Sunday service like I could have
But have mercy for your child, forgive me for my sins
I'm too young to die Lord, get me through this
I gotta get to the back do', gotta get to the kitchen
But they got thick black smoke comin from the kitchen
Shit, all other exits are tossed, what I'ma do?
Stay my ass here and burn or -- RUN THE FUCK THROUGH?
Already havin trouble breathin when I started to cough
But no more time to waste, I cover my face and took off!
Dis-en-dehydrate, I'm gettin tireder
I gotta, keep movin, cause it's gettin HOTTER
and HOTTER, WHOO.. WHOAH, shit!  I'm on fire!

C-c-call them people to me, I-I-I'm on fire! (6X)

Oh shit!  Ain't none of y'all motherfuckers help me out dere?
HELP!!!  Motherfuckers it's me!  HELP!!!

I gotta get out of here!  I've been trapped for over 55 minutes
Looks like I'm finished, this could be a fucked up ending
I done been in some fucked up shit but this the worst I ever been in
"Call them people to me" -- tell them send the fire engine
I hope this ain't my calling y'all cause I ain't ready
I'ma need some alerted emergency units to stand by, paramedics
Runnin through the fire, and I can't turn back
Somethin went {WHOOSH} and everything went black
I can't see, I can't see, I'm BLIND!!
Oh fuck I'm alright I just had my eyes closed the whole time
Oops, shit damn!  But that ain't my stop my shoes from movin
cause outside, here I am!
I smashed through the back door like a ram
I made it!  I'm still alive!  I'm still the man!
Out the house but still I got fire on my clothes
So I stopped, dropped, and rolled dick rolled
Started goin wild on the ground tryin to get the flames out my shirt
Windmillin in the dirt, but nuttin didn't work!
I heard a {HORN SOUNDS} but that was just a barge
See I live right by the river -- THAT'S IT, WATER!!!
Every step I took made hot footprints in the tar
Runnin over cars to the 12th Ward wall
Get out the way cause everything I touch turn crispy
I'ma be at the riverfront, tell them people come get me!!

C-c-call them people to me, I-I-I'm on fire! (4X)

Hello?  Somebody get the fuckin fire off me!

Sparks like aluminum foil, in the microwave oven
Where them fuckin people?  SOMEBODY DO SOMETHIN!
Can't you see what's hap-pe-nin?
Don't you see the smoke?  Can't you hear the cracklin?
Nobody wanna listen, everybody was scatterin
I grab a nigga he screamed so loud that shit was eardrum shatterin!
I said, "Don't scream Dawg, I need your help, I'm the one on fire!"
He said, "Nigga you 'sposed to be dead, how you still alive?"
He was right -- by now they should be embalming me
But the shit don't seem to be harming me
Damn this must have been a bad dream the whole ?
I heard them motherfuckin sirens, hollerin
I guess they finally got the people to me, they must have saw me
Huh, cause they was headed right for me
A fireman walked up, and handed me a tape
And said, "You just been put out, the fire went away!"