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Artist: Mystikal f/ Silkk the Shocker, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Ghetto Fabulous
Song:   Let's Go Do It
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[Silkk] (Mystikal)
Man these niggas...
They might have to learn the hard way.
(Y'all gon' learn!)
Y'all gon' learn.
(Yeah y'all gon' learn!)
Mystikal, Snoop nigga, Silkk the Shocker nigga
(They gon' learn!)
(We gon' teach em!)
[Mystikal] (Silkk)
Nah! Come on come on
(Come on!)
Come on nah, come on
Come on come on
(What, what)
Come on (Come on)
I'm quick to bang bang bang, pop pop pop
I'll kick in the fuckin door before I knock knock knock
You gon' duck duck duck when I buck buck buck
Actin bad bad bad and I'm fuckin somethin up
Lay yo shit down, I'm comin to get down
Count my money, 20,000 dollars times my shoe size when I get  down
To a big eyed, big pussied big bootied bitch I'm cute
But to a motherfuckin buster I'm a sabretooth
I'm comin to get you, ain't no savin you
I'm five times stronger than the hate for niggas in the heart 
of David Duke
I take your style from ya, and your pride from ya
I turn ya upside down, shake the dope out you 
and take your high from ya
I'll bless ya, way before the ha-choo
Can't nobody fuck this bitch up like I do
[Chorus:] X 6
Let's go do it! Nah!
Let's go do it! Let's do it!
[Snoop Dogg]
I'm at my pad actin bad and my bitch got me mad
But I'm gon let my khakis sag and continue to mash
Blue flag around my head, gold tank on my chest
Motherfuck y'all niggas talkin shit out west
I'm down south hustlin, crushin, bustin on punk busters
I know them niggas wanna rush us, but can't touch us
When y'all see us, a hundred thousand deep, duck us
I keep a can of repellent for you suckers, motherfuckers
What the fuck y'all figure?
Big Snoop Dogg, yeah I'm still that same old nigga
Gang bangin, P don't mind, I feel ya
Dogg Pound crip on mine, and I kill ya
If you cross that line, it's a thin line
Between the nine millimeter and that hairline
Trigger, nigga, cap peelers and drug dealers
Real niggas feel us, especially them bonafide cold hard killers
Now I know y'all niggas don't want us to get things crackin
With all that jaw jackin you bitch ass niggas keep yappin
I'm slappin niggas in they face for the nine eight
Let's go do this Mystikal, what the fuck we waitin for nigga?
Get up, like a robbery, nigga fuck fuck
That's real cuz after I rob a nigga, what what
Y'all don't want no problems with us us
Problem here, let them niggas go, followed by a buck buck
So forget what you sayin nigga fuck you and fuck who you with
You shoulda know motherfuckers, who you were fuckin with
Silkk the Shocker motherfucker, that's my last time
Made Man, motherfucker, little brother of the Last Don
Niggas talkin about you got beef with this nigga
All hoods talkin about you better have a meet with this nigga
How could I beef with this nigga?
Cuz that's that nigga, (Who?) That's that nigga
(Who you talkin about?) Everybody talkin about
(That's him?) That's that nigga
I can sleep with my heat, I can even sleep with a freak
I can do a lot of things, I just can't sleep with no beef
Like you can't eat with no teeth you can't rob the police
Just like you can't cook with no heat
When I get to comin, ain't no comin wet
When I get to bustin, fuck all y'all, ain't no comin back
See you shoulda known, I wasn't scared of no nigga
All Mystikal and Snoop gotta say is one thing
Talk about, let's go get em
[Chorus till fade]