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Artist: Mystikal
Album:  Ghetto Fabulous
Song:   Ghetto Fabulous
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Since I'm so fucking bad
give me mine
get yours

[Verse 1]
I woke up this morning 
rocked up
humping on the matress
hard like I was fuckin
I realized I was dreaming
then I got up
I hit the Vick's inhaler
'cuz my nose was stuffed up
from the bed to the floor
to the bathroom to the sink
from the mirror to the toilet
took a piss then shook the shank
oops, dont look know I think I sprinkled when I tinkled
so, I dip in the sides there be a sweeter by the seater
cocoa powder, bubble-bath, and rubbing alcohol
for 5 fuckin cent that you could buy at the mall
I'm a long distance super-power, pussy-magnet
I was born in the ghetto, made by the ghetto
so fabulous!

[Charlie Wilson]
ghetto fabulous - living like this
I'm so happy, yeah!
'cuz I'm ghetto fabulous (repeat)

[Snoop Dogg] (enters over repeat, speaking)

Yeah I feel what you're saying, Dog
but, uhh, you could let these fools know how hard it is
when a nigga ghetto fabulous, know what I'm saying?
let's kick that shit!


[Verse 2]
it's like a big rush with no time
niggas be like "whyyyyy"
kids be like "let me get your autograph"
bitches be like "ahhhh!"
ever since I said "here I go"
braids or not y'all
they know me wherever I go
I'm real private
the windows tinted, doors locked
the damn crowd you make a scene
"ain't you Mystikal?"
"no, I'm not."
lie to a diehard fan with a straight face
and let the hour long picture signing session take place
sign, hey, baby, how you doing? 
what's your name?  
stay real, stay sweet
stay sexy, stay the same
and never forget
I'm never going to change
I'm loving what I'm doing 
and you can put that on your game
I got my piece of pie and my piece of mind
fool, I'm a piece of coal 
don't call me, people, let me shine
I know you see me on t.v.
with Snoop, Fiend, Mia, C, Silkk, Serv, and Petey
nigga we frontin' these street-ies
but livin' like this ain't easy
it's fabulous!
I'm so fucking bad


[Verse 3]
see, that's a cutie with her big booty
and her big body
her and her big fine potnahs
take their ??? and take their vitamins
be ordering drinks all down at the bar
we don't got to buy 
just work that halter top
and work them tight bell bottoms
ohhh, you acting funny and trying to holler
she project Tyra Banks
the neighborhood super-model
she shaped like a coke bottle
hair whipping smelling good
finger nails and her toes polished
she did it how she lived
'cuz she got to have it
first got them fucking kids
by the baby's daddy
her ass ain't never what she should have been
go ahead on and act bad, I'll see ya when I get a hit
see, she was so fucking bad

[Chorus]  (repeat)