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Artist: Mystikal f/ Mac, Fiend, and Silkk the Shocker
Album:  Ghetto Fabulous
Song:   What's Your Alias?
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[Fiend] A tell me what's your name?
[Mystikal] MC Mystikal
[Fiend] What's your alias?
[Mystikal] I'm the prince of the South
[Fiend] What's your thing?
[Mystikal] I ain't playing with your bitch ass
[Fiend] So boy what'd you say?
[Mystikal] Here I go here I go

Bitch I'll backslap or backstab after that kidnap a whack rap
Bring it louder if you coming to rap
Your arms to short your legs to small
I'm the sure shot shit off of deputy dog
Break it in two and TRU so do
By myself I can take you and you and you and you
Straight forward like Kerri Kittles 
Nigga's head bob very little
Gooder than a whole hand full of skittles
Evil with feedback when I turn on the mic
I'm the spritz that has to "Chsssss" when you open your Sprite
No fight no war no brawl y'all ain't ready
When they see me their eyes get big arms get sweaty

Enough to go around you know exactly how it go down
In house uptown big boys throw down
Out of control ballers from Bagwood back to New Orleans 
If it'll make ya feel good that's what you can call it

[Mystikal] What's your name!?
[Mac] Mac the Don, motherfucker
[Mystikal] What's your alias?
[Mac] Shell Shocked nigga
[Mystikal] What's your thing?
[Mac] Murder murder murder murder
[Mystikal] Nigga what'd you say?
[Mac] Wooooaaaaah

[Mac] Who rocks it?
I play the plug you play the socket
Y'all got your pieces nicked lets cock it
Now how I get your open knock and lock it
Y'all niggas fail so now y'all trying to jock it
My formula's trill (watch it watch it)
These fake ass niggas are blocking
With niggas with them ill times are rocking
He lifts and cocked it
Suckers are toxic
I'm all about what's falling in my pocket
I'll be the one they wanna share that cock with
Your just that nigga that they wanna shock with
You never hit it told your niggaz you did it
You probably ate it
Laid back and masturbated
Take them fake wood strips off the side of you ride
Cause real niggas keep their war on the inside that's money with pride
Shell shock niggas
We on the block niggas
Fiend cocked in 98
We bought more figures and triggers
We be murder murder too
So have my money or have my shit
And oh tell your little sister to stay up off my dick!

[Mystikal] What's your name!?
[Fiend] Capitol F-I-E-N-D
[Mystikal] What's your alias?
[Fiend] I'm Mr. Get it on Jones
[Mystikal] What's your thing?
[Fiend] I'm the one that call the Shotti
[Mystikal] What'd you say?
[Fiend] Whomp Whomp! Whomp whomp whomp!

[Fiend] I'm the decided private miscontorting to fire on me
Bringing you extra clips and jeans favorite style's sareen
Mr. Get it on Jones
I noticed I didn't drop the phone
If it's on then it's on
Mister stay loaded up the zone
I stay rolling on some chrome
Mr. Bad ass nigga
My verbal class can kill ya
I'm a mad man killer
Warning no hommie can turn ya to thugs and drug dealers
So what the fuck up nigga
Expect me to be discrete
Well you bitches beneath me like athletes feet
Ya have ????? can't beat a handicapped
as for me I mastered the art of MC
It was all before BC
Wanna see me?
Close your eyes and hold your breath
That whore pushing that store
cutting on over to quicker death
Bet you niggas are set for ghettos soon to be junk
Got lyrical ???? up
I'm Mr. War war

[Mystikal] What's your name?
[Silkk] Silkk the Shocker!
[Mystikal] What's your alias?
[Silkk] Mister!
[Mystikal] What's your thing?
[Silkk] I'm a made man nigga!
[Mystikal] Nigga what'd you say?

[Silkk] (Mister!) Mister hang with real thugs
Mister's real blood
Mister don't shoot blanks
Mister shoot real slugs
I never feel shit except from the ghetto
And I don't feel love
Nigga I'm out there pissed without this nook
I see a club
Nigga what?
Mister hit your block
Mister hit your spot
Mister you better duck the fuck down or Mister's getting shot
Come on come with me 
Come and get me
I'm gonna find you some hurting
I drop flies that hurt the same time I hit the horn street man tries to hurt
Let me negotiate my contract on the beach he got me some ends
Look turned 19 look nigga I got me a Benz
You know me see that nigga gonna flock with the rocks in his hands
He ain't worth a cop just to block his rocks and then ran
I check my flow last year only got better
So cold now if it's hot I can still rock leather
Mister ain't NO L-I-M-I- to the T
(That's Mac that's Fiend, Mystikal your Silkk the Shocker) Yeah that's me!

[Silkk] What's your name?
[Mystikal] MC Mystikal
[Silkk] What's your alias?
[Mystikal] I'm the prince of the South
[Silkk] What's your thing?
[Mystikal] I ain't playing with your bitch ass
[Silkk] What'd you say?
[Mystikal] The mans right here