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Artist: Mr. Capone-E f/ The Game, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Diary of a G
Song:   Three of the Best From the West (West Coast)
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[The Game (Mr. Capone-E) {Snoop Dogg in background}]
Oh boy
We westside ridin' (Westside)
Chuck Taylor Capone-E, homie (Oh!)
What that SGV like (Simon)
That CPT like (WHOO-WHOO!)
Straight up (That's right, ese)
Ask the big homie Snoop about us now {Ooohwee, ooohwee} (Ha ha)
It's westside (WESTSIDE...)
We ride for life (FOR LIFE...)

[Capone] Three of the best from the west, holdin' down the coast
         Snoop Dogg, The Game
         The one and only Capone
         Make California love, all smooth like a G
         Hey, Snoop, where we from
[Snoop]  West coast, ooohwee

[Verse 1: Mr. Capone-E (The Game in background) {Snoop Dogg in background}]
California love
As we ride for the westside
I see they shotgun for the coast
In that lowride
Hittin' corners with The Game, posted up in the back (What's up, holmes)
Snoop ridin' the trey {Ooohwee}
Palm trees and hoodrats
Pimps, macks and ballers, makin' dollars up on this boulevard
Ride up in the barrio, face of the next hood star
Handle bars, white tees and the Panotins
(???), slangin' the white cold medicine
Just got signed
And I'm out of my time
They said I'm the new Chronic, ese, 2009
The world is mine, but my name ain't Scarface
Something similar
For the whole coast to embrace
Paper chasin', pushin' weight, America's catastrophe
Puttin' the History Channel back
To reality
Mad at me
For California's return
I'm like the L.A. riots, we keep the city left burned

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 2: The Game (Mr. Capone-E in background)]
It's '09, I'm gangbangin' like it's '86
Posted up, throwin' up signs
Sendin' niggas in the pen
Crazy flicks
Vatos, locos
Palm trees, low-low's, nickel-plated .44's
Chuckin' up the P at the popo
And tell my P.O., that's just the Black Wall logo
Coronas, Patron, eatin' tacos and chicken
Chillin' with senoritas sippin' on Margaritas
Adios, mamacita, got a show in Rosarita
Watch me at the Lowrider creek
Carpoolin' with the homie Capone-E and two freaks
From the I.E. where niggas get stuck up like I.V.s
Put trucks up on high beams, with burners like "Try Me" (Try me)
I'm an insane California nightmare
Every time you sleep on the coast, homie, I'm right there

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg (Mr. Capone-E in background)]
I'm a Ghostface Killah, in a Stellar 300
Snoopy D-O-Double G, I'm about rip, rip, run it
I give it to you all, I bounce, shoot and ball
I'm the king, but the king don't fall
I live like LeBron
I'm more like Kobe
I watch the rings
The bitches
The money and the glory
See, this a westside story
So it's gon' get messy, gangsta and sort of gory
But I'm
Vincent Price
Eastside 20 Crip
So I might throw up the set twice
I ain't to set up tight
Roll your dice
Run up on the Dogg, motherfucker
And you lose your life
Don't trip, holmes
I'm tryin' to get mines on
Groupies and [{*stones*}]
And I make sure I put you on, for real
This west here for real
West coast is the place where we love to live

Repeat Chorus Twice

[The Game]
Straight the fuck up, you know what it is, homie
West side ridin'
Ain't nothin' but desert eagles and palm trees on mind, nigga
West side Compton, California, Cider Block, Pirus to the death
Suru Gang, San Gabriel Valley, what's up
Black Wall Street, black gangbang, bang
And the motherfuckin' Hi Power Soldiers, motherfucker
Shit, hey, Capone-E
You got this God out of Hi Power, I'm 'bout to go back
Ha ha