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Artist: M.O.P.
Album:  Soul in the Hole soundtrack
Song:   Ride
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Yeah, Firing Squad nigga. Teflon. Salute

[Hook - repeat 1.5X]
I got a ride
You got a ride
We got a ride, that hit up from both sides

[Verse One]
Yo, it's the way of the world, right
And can't nobody change, the way that nigga Williams does his thang
You see, I done stomped on 37 beats
And I'm still stuck in the core of the streets (nigga)
That's me, voted, most likely to squeeze (blahaw)
Now I'm worth 6 hundered G's
Ghetto warfare, heavy metal warfare
Plus I got all my motherfuckin' thugs here
First Family style buck ass wild Danz the rapid fire empire expands
And, shortie take notice, my shit sold
(Never went gold), but fuck it I'm still dope (broke)
Don't pretend to be no millionaire
I'm makin' dust somewhere, in the 7th coll on the third tear (yeah)
See that's my destiny, although
We know none of the wack niggas is touchin' me so...


[Verse Two]
M.(blahaw)O.(blahaw)P.(will rock) what we bring (real rap)
What you want (hip hop) here it is (feel that)
Roll with me, on this hip hop journey
I represent mine and whatever consern me
(The triple gold frame) walk with the bop gun cat name (Fame)
Must maintain, now I was raised in my (days)
On, BDP, Rakim and The Juice Crew (shit that I'm use to)
Now a days, rappers act pretty
Rap shitty, lost in this New Jack City
Talkin' bout all the (cars you lust)
Guns you bust and still get roobed by the ones you trust
But y'all (dogs) soon will see (what's that?)
What we bringin' to this sheisty ass industry
Now (now) that's my destiny, although,
We know none of y'all wack niggas is touchin' me, so...


[Verse Three]
Now throw your motherfuckin' hands up (for what?)
Keep it simple, ask no questions
We won't pop this Smith-N-Wesso at your temple
(Do you know what we into?) Check the resemy
We exchange slugs with the thuggish thug niggas around the way
We still ill, Sometimes we deside to kill
But we still in the vill, so sometimes we liable to steal
Plus we bust, don't mistake us for no other
Eye's screamin' like a demon
Finger itchin' like a motherfucker
Firing Squad, ill, ill Figure Nigger 
Real we come up we homicide, we ride for the kill (buckbuckbuckbuckbuckbuck)
Black, emptyin' on sight, use your head
You don't wanna get up in this thug life


Bobobobo Firing Squad nigga
Yeah, world famous, international
Bell ringin', gun slingin', downtown swingin'