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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  Juvenile Hell
Song:   Bitch Ass Nigga
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Bitch ass nigga, yo it's time to pull the trigga
I might be small, but fuck with bein bigga
Niggaz wanna throw with that bullshit but step aside
Pull out the four-five, and kill him motherfuckin dead
Pump his ass with lead
Never fakin moves, motherfucker run the jewels
Buckwild, blowin niggaz out the frame
Matter fact, don't call me shorty, kid you know my name
So next time, you see me, you better duck me
cause I don't give a fuck G
Catch wreck with the tec then I'm out like quick sex
Who's next, bitch ass nigga?

Bitch ass nigga - nah you don't want none (4X)

Kick it when I'm wicked and all smoked out
The little nigga that gets on your nerves so read about
You say yo shorty trauma, what's all the drama?
I shoot em up like their last name was Farmer
Shorty got the death wish, I wish to die
But when I try, it just goes by
You couldn't kill me because I can't kill myself
And if I got beef then I got it for self
And if I catch a body, I catch it for self
To me, murder is good for the health
Little man paranoid, Mr. Schizophrenic
Thirty-five niggaz wanna funk, don't panic
Just shoot a head up, or take your beatin like a man
Or pull a burner if you want a longer lifespan
That's how I see it if I gotta die so be it
But maybe one day, my luck'll run out though
Until then, I couldn't give a FUCK yo
Little shorty one time, I'm goin all out for mines
cause there won't be a next time
So what you wanna do punk, back up a little
Gimme some space, I'm hittin hearts, street sweeper
A little crazed nigga from the streets
Raised in the ghetto, I'm puttin out heads yo
I'm open, time to catch wreck, put em in check
Snap his neck, grab his loot then jet
Who's next to be a victim - easily ripped up
Get ready to run when I ripped em
Drop to the floor, feel the wrath of the drug war
Call me a thug who gets buck when I want more
Maniac react with a tec 9
Hit me up now cause there won't be a next time
Nah you don't want none

Bitch ass nigga - nah you don't want none (6X)

Who's that nigga standin with the jewels?
Throw on my hood, cock back the tool
Just to get a rep, yea you god damn right
Just lick lick shots cause I don't fuck with fights
Back on the ave, and five-oh arrive
Chalk on the ground where the motherfucker died
Niggaz know who did it but ain't nobody snitchin
No word of to myself, if they do, I'm flippin the script
Settin it off, yo, put em in a dopefiend
and cut em up like protein
The Lord of criminal juvenile crimes committed
Set it some bitch-ass nigga, I'm widdit
You couldn't fuck with the skills of the five foot
And all it takes is a set to get your crew shook
You're fucked up, kid your rap styles sucks
I'm bustin niggaz, like my first nut
Should I pull the trigga
Huh, no question

Bitch ass nigga - nah you don't want none (9X)