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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  The Infamous Mobb Deep (Disc 1)
Song:   Say Something
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Havoc]
I am not normal let me be the first to warn you
Paranoid as fuck, front on me; that metal on you
Tears down the face of those that most adore you
Fuck the King of New York, H been royal
Might as well quit throw the towel in
Niggas new to the game just an hour in
You wet behind the ears milk on your breath
Still on your momma's breast I embody fresh
Bottle after bottle and some sloppy sex
On my bully shit my dominance is obvious
Party after party bitch
Stick it to what got me rich
Till the casket drop
The clique is always Infamous
Infamous, hatin' ass niggas on that bitter shit
Fuck out of here I'll hit you in that liver quick
And spread through your body like a rumor
Serve these niggas like a waiter bring it to ya
Then I'm gone

[Chorus: Havoc (x2)]
Fuck what niggas sayin' they ain't sayin' nothing
See me any time of day they ain't sayin' nothing
Talkin' about they let it spray they ain't sayin' nothing
Better yet I'm right here nigga say something

[Verse 2: Prodigy and Havoc]
Step inside my class I can show you how it go
Accumulate that money get that dollar in a row
Snow ball effect, got that bigger, bigger check
Life is even better, better than a nigga dreamt
President is black see you niggas still broke
Thirsty mcgirsty niggas knocking at my door
Got hoes with their hands out
Promised me their ass, mouth
Pussy ho tried to make me nut so they can cash out
And I'm like woah
Baby girl I finished trickin' long time ago
Feed you that liquor take away your pain
Son a baby father dead be and that shit don't change
And that shit don't change let me hit it again
Shawty dippin' in and out and just switchin' them lanes
Switchin' them lanes without checking the mirror
Get yourself into some bullshit make you see things clearer


[Verse 3: Prodigy]
Savage nigga out here on the cement
Pussy, money, guns grew me up and now I'm beastin'
Heathen I'm a motherfucker throw me to the wolves
Right where I belong, nigga now you lookin' shook
Shakin' in your J's you afraid
My boot on your neck pussy nigga there's no escape
I'm vicious my intentions is not in your best interest
If I was your advisor I'd advise you not to did it
But I'm not so I'm inviting you all it's my pleasure
Welcome to the horror show, your life, feel free to enter
When I was a shit stain the old heads they told me
Keep your gun on you little nigga I'm not your homie
Smokin' on a cocaine bogey
Breakfast was an OE
Ain't nobody smilin' and we treat you bitches coldly
Special breed we different type of G's
Niggas quieter than a church mouse when it's time to see
What it really is